Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nursery Progress: D-O-N-E (well, almost)

Last week I showed you the DIY artwork that we whipped up for baby boy's nursery. We still had a few things on our To-Do list last week, but I'm happy to report that we've finally put the finishing touches on his room! 

I still have a few very minor things that need to be done, but I feel so good knowing that if he comes soon, everything is ready for his arrival.

Here's how things are looking these days . . . 

I showed you the artwork above William's bed last week, but you'll notice we've also hung some curtains and some other artwork too. 

The curtains are MATILDA from Ikea, with a few alterations. I had to hem the tabs at the top. Originally they were 4" tabs, but I needed them to be 2" in order to cover up that wooden crown molding from our outside mount blinds. I also used the no-sew hem tap included in their curtains to hem the bottom (I bought the 95" ones, but they needed about 6 1/2" taken off). 

You'll also notice a little side table that we added. That was a sweet gift from Nathan for Mother's Day. It's the LACK table in white from Ikea, and I had my eye on it when we were in Toronto. Sadly, they only the black in stock, so Nathan secretly ordered it when we got back to the U.S. He paid more in shipping for it than the table cost, which I thought was so sweet coming from my frugal man. I also added a wicker basket underneath the table (I found it at Walmart for $6), to catch things like blankets, or items for feeding. 

Now onto one of my favorite parts of the room . . . the reading corner!

You've seen the rocker before (it was a Craigslist find), but you'll also notice the rocker cushions are in their place now. My mom and I reupholstered those, and I love how soft and cushy they are! I also added in a footstool...it was in our master bedroom, but I know it will get more use in here. 

We also hung the floating bookshelves. They're from Ikea too, but I couldn't find the name of them on the website. We randomly found them on our trip to Toronto, and thought they'd make a great place to store books (they have about a 3-4" ledge on them, so books can easily be propped up). 

And we also hung that fun animal quilted artwork too. That was a sweet gift from our pre-marriage counselors, and the colors match the room perfectly!

The only section of the room still left undone is the changing area...

You'll notice we did add a shelf (found it and the gray brackets at a yard sale!), but I still need to accessorize it and add a changing pad cover (my mom and I are working on sewing it, so I'll be back soon with those details!). 

Other than those small last-minute details, our To-Do list is looking awfully marked up lately:

  • Paint the room, and the trim, window sill and closet doors
  • Add a door to the room
  • Buy curtains (done, I just need to hang them!)
  • Finish crib skirt
  • DIY a changing pad cover
  • Reupholster Rocker seat cushions
  • Lay down the rug
  • Hang artwork
  • Figure out something for the lighting (we found an extra light in our basement that was FREE and it worked perfectly!)
  • Accessorize shelf above changing table

Ahhhhh . . . there's nothing more gratifying than strike-throughs. ;)


  1. Love it! Especially the reading corner! William will love his room :)

  2. It looks fantastic! You guys did a great job making it look adorable without spending a bunch of money!

  3. It looks so cute - so put together. My favorite is the reading corner with the rocking chair. Hope William loves books as much as Nathan did!

  4. I so love this room -- and the reading corner is fabulous - esp. with those shelves! Love that some of the books on the shelves are the same as the ones mounted on the wall :)


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