Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Bump-ness: Week 35

How Far Along:  holy cannoli, we're at 35 weeks!!!

Size of baby:  
According to, our little one weighs around 5 1/4 pounds, the weight of a large honeydew melon (or a sack of potatoes), and is a little over 18 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 19+ pounds

Maternity Clothes: 
My clothing choices lately have been anything that's 1.) Cotton, 2.) Thin, 3.) Sleeveless. Along with shoes that are flat and comfy. :)


Movement: It feels like he does a lot of rolling around in there. Occasionally I will still feel a big kick, but it mostly feels like rolling. He's definitely cramped. 

Sleep: Still sleeping great. This weekend when it was so warm, we opened up the windows and slept with our fans on. It made for some very restful, deep sleep!

What I miss: Hot dogs! Now that grilling season is well underway, I want hot dogs in the worst way possible. It doesn't help that on my daily walks during lunch, I pass a hot dog stand downtown. There's seriously 15+ people standing in line for those hot dogs everyday which tells me one thing - they've gotta be delicious. I walk by, gazing at the hot dog stand and everyone in line sort of stares at my belly, as if to say, "Oh yeah, the pregnant lady is definitely gonna hop in line and grab her some hot dogs." And I slowly wobble on, sniffing the hot dog air in the distance. And I can feel their pitiful stares from behind my head. Whoever came up with the "no hot dogs for pregnant people" rule anyway?!? 

What I’m looking forward to: putting the finishing touches on the nursery! Just need to hang a shelf, and the curtains and then we'll be d-o-n-e!

Cravings: meatballs, frozen yogurt, lemonade, and good hearty breakfast food!  

Aversions: none

 definitely feeling baby boy putting the pressure on me. He sits much lower these days, but with a little re-situating, I can get back to a comfortable position pretty quickly. 

Belly Button In or Out: Still flat-ish. 

Best Moment This Week: Last weekend! The weather couldn't have been more perfect, and Nathan and I soaked up every minute we had together. 

Weekly Wisdom: Our church is doing a series right now called Parental Guidance Required, and the timing of it couldn't have been more perfect as we get ready to embark on this exciting new journey of parenthood. One of the biggest nuggets I've taken away is that the most important thing we can do in order to be good parents is to put God first in our lives and marriage. As I've gone through pregnancy, it can get overwhelming reading all of the baby/parenting books that are out there. One expert says one thing, and another says something completely different. But being reminded that the best thing I can do for our children is to love God first has really eased my mind and stilled my heart. 

Milestones: According to, Wililam's kidneys are now fully developed, as are all of his other body parts. From now until we see his sweet face, his main job in there is just to gain weight. Not a bad gig! 

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  1. You look great, girl! Can't believe you have a sack of potatoes in there! And I totally have the same shirt (in a few colors). It's such a great top. Getting so close!

    And, I could totally go for a hot dog right now. I love them, too. I accidentally ate one a few months ago without even thinking about it. Then I had that OHMYGOSH moment.


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