Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Bump-ness: Week 34

How Far Along:  34 weeks!

Size of baby:  
According to, our little one weighs around 4 ¾ pounds, the size of a large cantaloupe (or a small watermelon), and is about 18 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: went to my Doctor’s appointment on Monday, and I’m still weighing in at the 19 pounds gained, but we’ve still go 6 more weeks to go so I feel confident baby boy will start packing on those pounds! 

Maternity Clothes: 
I’m so happy it’s warmed up again because I’ve been most comfortable in my cotton skirts and dresses this week. However, I can’t find any shoes that are comfortable for too long. If I wear my flats, heels or even go barefoot, my ankles feel so heavy within a few hours, so I most enjoy wearing my sneakers and my CROCS sandals (very attractive, I know).


He’s still wiggling around in there, although most of his movements are less pronounced than in the earlier months. I feel like he’s doing a lot of re-situating. 

This week was the first time I’ve had to really adjust my sleeping. I started sleeping with an extra pillow in between my knees, and it’s really helped to align my hips. Now in the morning, I don’t feel like an elephant has been sitting on my hips all night – score!

What I miss: This may sound strange, but I really miss vigorous exercise. My “exercise” lately has consisted of long (slow) walks, lots of stretching, and some mild hip/leg/arm exercises. I really miss the days of cardio, crunches and strength training, and I can’t wait to get back in the gym after baby William is here.

What I’m looking forward to: seeing William in all the cute little outfits he has been given. Baby boy has a serious wardrobe awaiting him!

Meatballs, fruit, fruit with yogurt and honey, and my new craving…TCBY Frozen Strawberry Swirl Yogurt. They just started selling it at our local grocer, and it is mind blowing. Nathan even likes it, which I think is so cute – I love it when he partakes in my pregnancy cravings!

Aversions: none

 Feeling like my ankles have weights in them, but other than that – I’m feeling good!

Belly Button In or Out: Still flat-ish. 

Best Moment This Week: 
We made some big progress on the nursery this past week, and Nathan sweetly took some maternity photos of me this past weekend. I’m so glad we captured this time in our lives, and I’m especially happy that we have some photos of the two of us together.  

Weekly Wisdom: God is in control! I've been having a lot of "what if" thoughts lately about labor. What if Nathan isn't nearby...what if I go into labor early...what if I need an emergency C-section because something goes wrong...what if William doesn't have red hair. (I'm kidding on that last one. Sort of.) But God has been reminding me of the verse in Psalm 46 - Be STILL and know that I am God. We know William has been in God's hands since the very beginning, and will be in His hands for the rest of his sweet life. I just need to keep trusting in that truth. 

Milestones: After tonight, we'll be halfway through our birthing classes and one step closer to meeting our boy! :)


  1. 6 weeks!!!! So close - love the pictures. Who cares how you look, if you are comfortable - and besides you couldn't look bad if you tried!

  2. Yay! It's getting so close. I've been having a lot of what-if moments, too. Ryan's been traveling for work and I'm just beside myself if he's gone when I go into labor. But, I just remind myself that it will all work out and everything will happen the way it's meant to work out.

    Also - are your feet getting larger? I swear, none of my shoes fit well anymore... maybe it's just swelling, but it's very bizarre.

  3. So exciting!! Sorry about your don't have much longer though!


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