Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorite Finds

Today I'm featuring all sorts of comfort dishes on my Friday Favorites list. Yes, it is almost May, but it's also 40-something degrees here in Upstate New York, and me and my man have been battling head colds/congestion all week so comfort food is sounding awfully appealing to me these days. 

Doesn't it stink so bad when you and your spouse get sick at the same time? Major boo! Part of what makes being sick bearable is having the other person baby you back to health, but when both of you are sick, that's not an option. It's every man for himself. In fact, the house has been such a mess that our repair man who came to fix the stove on Tuesday asked us if we just moved in. "Ummmm, about three years ago Mr. Stove Repair Man, but thanks for being so gentle with us. We're off to cry in our germ-infested pillows now."

Slow Cooker Bacon and Cheddar Potatoes from Moms With Crock Pots

Lasagna Soup from A Farm Girls Dabbles

Tomato Parmesan Soup from Dashing Dish (a lovely new food blog I just discovered!)

Hot Ham and Cheese Dip from Bev Cooks - I could go for a big bowl of this with some saltines right about now!

I would be remiss to feature comfort food without throwing in a little chocolate. ;) Fudge Brownies with Frosting from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

All photos were taken by the recipe creators, and embedded using Pinterest.

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  1. I just made some of those potatoes, and I know they'll help you feel better. :) Hope you both feel better soon!

  2. These are all amazing... I'm glad to know the potatoes are a hit -- they look like a great dinner idea.

  3. I'm in upstate NY too and this weather is killing me. Hopefully it warms up and stays warm ASAP.

    Those potatoes look super good!

    Stopping by from last week's FFF


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