Thursday, April 26, 2012

Babymoon Recap

Since neither Nathan or I had visited Toronto, we decided it would be the perfect little getaway for our babymoon/early-anniversary trip this year. We had heard great things about the city from coworkers and friends who had been, and it's a short car ride from our town.

Much like NYC, Toronto is expensive in ways of lodging, so we lucked out when we found a cute little Guest House located in Cabbagetown that fit our budget perfectly. We stayed there from Friday - Monday, and then headed back home; spending Tuesday around the house unpacking and recouping from the trip. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

 Friday night, we went out on the town for a fancy anniversary dinner at Canyon Creek Chop House

Nathan had the grilled Sirloin and I had the Prime Rib Sandwich - they were both delicious!

After dinner, we took a trip up to the top of the CN Tower - the world's 5th tallest free standing structure. 

The view from the top was quite breathtaking. Here's a look down via the glass floor - we're 1,815 feet up!

We also did some exploring downtown at night. We were amazed at how much Toronto and NYC have in common! 

On Saturday, we visited Kensington Market (one of Toronto's many farmers' markets) and Eaton Center - the biggest mall I've ever been in! We didn't get pictures of these for some reason, but they are pictured in our recap video (below).

On Sunday, we visited Casa Loma - a historic castle that was once home to financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. It featured some 30 bathrooms and over 90 rooms, and was built in 1911.

My favorite room was the Conservatory.

And Nathan's favorite were the Scottish Towers, where you could see downtown Toronto all the way from the castle.

Sunday afternoon, we strolled down the street from our Guest House and visited Allan Gardens - a free greenhouse conservatory.  

The hydrangeas were in full bloom and were so pretty!

There were also tons of other flowers and plants in bloom as well. 

And what would any vacation for us be like without a trip to the Goodwill?!? :)
I do have to say, this is one area where the United States has Canada beat - although the exterior of their Goodwill is bright and fun, we weren't impressed with the findings inside. It was still neat to visit a foreign country's Goodwill though! 

We had a fun time exploring this new city, and most importantly getting away together and spending lots of quality time before our little one arrives. 

And in case you want to see Toronto in fast-forward, here's a little video recap my man pulled together for us to remember our babymoon/early-anniversary trip by:


  1. Looks like you two -- I mean three! -- had a great time! Our friends toured that castle too; so amazing.

    I'm sure it was a wonderful time of connecting, relaxing and enjoying time together. The video clip was so fun ... thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved the video re-cap! We went to Toronto with our teen-age sons back in 2010 and they loved it! You will have to take your son back there when he is older and can have as much fun as you did!
    That was a great get-away and now you can focus on the baby! Wonderful!

  3. LOVED the video - thanks for posting it. I saw you had a chocolate shake (ie NY) - traditions are great. So glad you are preserving the memory as well.

  4. Looks like an awesome trip! Great pictures of the two of you!


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