Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Bump-ness: Week 28

How Far Along:  28 weeks!

Size of baby:  
According to, our little one weighs about 2 1/4 pounds (the size of a cabbage) and measures about 14.5 inches in length. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 15 pounds so far

Maternity Clothes: Still getting away with a few of my regular tops and dresses, but everything else is maternity. 


If the movement lately is any indication of what this little guy's energy level is going to be like after he's born, then we are in for a VERY active child! :)

Still sleeping great!

What I miss: Cold deli ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, and the likes. I also could go for a big cold, right out of the package hot dog weenie right now (isn't that weird?!?).

What I’m looking forward to: Easter dinner!!! :)

egg salad, raw veggies, banana pancakes, pineapple, cinnamon raisin bagels toasted topped with peanut butter, banana slices and honey drizzled on top. 

Aversions: none 

 the clumsiness is still around, but not nearly as bad this week ;)

Belly Button In or Out: Still the same weird shape as last week. Half flat, half out. 

Best Moment This Week: Having my sweet 7th grade girls from church throw me a surprise baby shower on Sunday night. More than the adorable little clothes they got for William, and the delicious cookie cake they made, I most appreciated their sweet words written in the cards I received. I left feeling so loved and blessed!

Weekly Wisdom: I got nothin' this week...

Milestones: Hello, third trimester!!!! Also, baby has eyelashes this week which I think is so adorable. 


  1. Cute as pie! Thanks for the updates - look forward to it each week.

  2. What? 3rd trimester already? Didn't you just announce that you were pregnant?


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