Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Bump-ness: Week 27

How Far Along:  27 weeks!

Size of baby:  
According to, our little one weighs as much as a head of cauliflower, and is about 14 ½ inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 13 pounds…but after this weekend, I’m probably a bit more ;)

Maternity Clothes: 
I really can’t stand anything around my waist (or what was my waist) these days, so I’m most comfortable in my cotton nightgowns (who knew granny pajamas could be so comfortable?!?). Since the nightgowns aren’t really work attire, I’ve been opting for loose fitting skirts or dresses during the day. Oh, and I’ve been living in my yoga pants too…I’m pretty sure my waist only likes them because they’re so stretched out at this point that there’s not really a waistband anymore.  


A LOT of re-situating this week! It feels like baby boy is running out of room in there, because he’s been doing more squirming, nudging and pushing than kicking.  

It literally takes me 2 minutes to fall into a deep, REM sleep at night. I stay that way until 6:30 AM when my alarm starts yelling at me, and then I hit snooze 2,391 times before I peel myself out of bed. Pregnancy sleep is awesome!

What I miss: Riding my bike with my man. I could probably still ride my bike, but my clumsiness is at an all time high lately, so for everyone’s safety I choose to stay grounded. I can barely balance on my own two feet, much less two wheels!    

What I’m looking forward to: Monday’s check-up. I always look forward to hearing baby boy’s heartbeat! I’ll also receive my injections on Monday since I’m RH-negative, so I’m weirdly excited about that too…it means there’s approx. 12 more weeks to go until baby boy’s (expected) arrival! 

raw veggies with French Onion Dip, fruit smoothies, Pot Roast, Duncan Hines Strawberry Cake with fresh strawberries and Cool Whip on top (this may or may not be where my extra weight gain from the weekend comes into play)

Aversions: none 

 Clumsiness, forgetfulness, and an overall lack of my ability to string coherent thoughts together in order to form a sentence.

Belly Button In or Out: The top of my belly button looks like it wants to pop out, but the bottom is still flat. It’s making for a very odd shape these days. 

Embarrassing Best Moment(s) This Week: 
Going for a swim at the local rec. center was quite the entertainment. I refused to spend the money on a maternity swimsuit, so I found a mismatched bikini bottom and top that still (barely) fit me. I looked like something from the 80’s with my hot pink bottom and bright blue top. In order to be more modest, I paired it with a classy gray tank top (that ended up being quite translucent once wet – awesome). I was having an especially “duh” day, and didn’t see the sign in the ladies locker room pointing to the pool door, so I waddled my pregnancy, mismatched bikini and translucent tank top self out into the fitness room where there were approx. 15 individuals working out. I’m quite sure they weren’t expecting nor did they want to see my waddle that day. I saw a door that I thought led to the pool, but upon approaching it, read “Pool staff only” and realized that I had made a mistake. I waddled back through the fitness room to the locker room and finally found the door. Nathan was waiting by the pool and promptly jumped up and said, “Honey! Where have you been?!? I’ve been waiting forever. I even sent in a lifeguard to see if you were OK.” My response? “Oh. I’m fine…I just couldn’t find the door to get out here.” His facial response was classic.

This was in the same week that I spilled 32 ounces of ice cold water all over my pants while driving to the store. Nathan said if anyone asked, I could tell them my water broke…literally.

Weekly Wisdom: Don’t go out in public after week 26 of pregnancy.

Milestones:  According to, our little one’s hearing is fully developed and his lungs are getting there too!


  1. The story about the pool is priceless. I love it! It's hard to believe that time is going so quick, isn't it? I'm the same way about things around my waist. Ick. I've been wearing lots of skirts and dresses to work to avoid it.

    Also, the doctor told me I'm consistently measuring 2 weeks ahead yesterday and I nearly had a meltdown. I know I have no control, but June 18 is the plan for this baby to come out. Eek!

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering from phobia of the waist, Kim! :)

      And that's exciting news about your little one! You'll get to greet him even sooner than expected. Praying you'll have the energy for all the projects you have planned between now and June!

  2. LOVE that story about the pool - I laughed out loud (sorry!) It's good that you can laugh at yourself.

    Love the updates - thanks!

  3. You look great!
    And bahaha about the pool story. That sounds like something I would've totally done too while pregnant or even now while not pregnant!!!
    I hope you're feeling great and everything sounds like it's progressing beautifully. You're in my prayers!

    1. Thanks so much for the prayers Ginny! You are too sweet!

  4. haha, Girl you had me laughing so hard!! I hate that I'm not closer so I can experience this with you. I'm glad that you post weekly pictures though :) 12 weeks will go by so fast and little William will be here before you know it!

  5. The pool story cracked me up! Sounds like something I would do! At least you can blame it on pregnancy brain!

  6. My dear friend... I just smile reading your recount of the pool. And, your conclusion about not leaving the house. I now see why you don't want to ride your bike. But, maybe the clumsiness is only related to water -- the water bottle & pool... :) So, maybe biking is okay!

  7. It is so much fun to have these updates! Sounds like you and baby boy are thriving... you look beautiful! This is such a special time in a woman's life~ you will never get these precious moments back. Enjoy every single one (even the not fun ones)... breath them in to remember them. You will hold them dear your whole life!
    Blessings to you and Nathan and little boy!
    Love, Auntie Yvonne


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