Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorite Finds

Oh, Friday...I'm so glad you're finally here! 
I'm linking up for another round of Friday Favorite Finds over on Finding Joy in My Kitchen.

Since it's Super Bowl weekend, let's talk party foods for a minute, shall we?

These Buffalo Chicken Rolls from Can You Stay for Dinner look soooo yummy! Perfect for any party where there's lots of burly football-lovin' men, or pregnant women. ;)

And for those of you who like to party, but not feel guilty about the grub you eat...these Turkey Taco Cups from Bev Cooks would be the perfect healthy appetizer! The best part? They're made using Won Ton wrappers and a muffin tin. Easy!

Bev also whipped up this White Spinach Cheese Dip...*drool*

In our neck of the woods, Super Bowl foods include yummy appetizers, but they also include warm, hearty soups or chili's.

This Minestrone soup from my pal SnoWhite would be perfect! It's super healthy, but chocked full of yummy veggies so it's sure to fill your belly! And would you just look at those cute little noodles she used!!

I'm a big fan of any entree that you can pick up with your hands, so these Greek Quesadillas from Annie's Eats would also be a good Super Bowl meal.

I'm sure my favorite fast food chain down south is making it's way into lots of homes this Super Bowl, so when I spied a copy cat version of their famous sandwich on From Away this week, I knew I had to try it. Nothin' beats Chick-Fil-A, y'all.

And I guess any party wouldn't be fun without some desserts, right?

Just check out how fun these inside out Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Cookies are from Picky Palate. You can even use brownies, too!

*All photos are embedded using Pinterest. To see the actual recipe, click the 'source' link below the photo*

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  1. white spinach dip, yes please! Wish we could get together and make (oh, and eat too!) all these yummies for the super bowl.


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