Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spilling the Beans

Back in October when we found out I was pregnant, we both talked about how we would tell everyone. We agreed that we wanted to tell our parents first, before we told anyone else. But, we also agreed it would be more meaningful if we told them in person. This presented a bit of a problem since Nathan's parents live in TN and we're all the way in NY.

We knew we had a belated Christmas trip planned to Nashville in January, so we promised to keep our lips sealed until then. And boy was it hard! Since my parents live in NY, we told them at Christmastime and then waited a week for our trip to TN until we could tell Nathan's parents.

We decided to keep it simple and surprise both sets of parents with framed photos of our first ultrasound (I got these cute little frames from Walmart that said something like "Grandkids are the sunshine of life," in case our parents couldn't really make out what the ultrasound photo was.) The response from both of our parents was very similar - squeals, tears, hugs, and lots of excitement. 

Here we are in TN with Nathan's whole family after we visited Antique Archaeology. (You can see our little one already bulging out a bit.)

After both sets of parents and Nathan's siblings were in the know, we then drove to Birmingham to share the good news with my brother and his family, my grandparents and my girlfriends. It was so fun seeing their faces in person, and getting hugs, lots of "congratulations" and feeling their love and excitement for us. 

Oh, and I got to see these sweet things too, which was icing on the cake - from L to R, my niece Katie, nephew Tyler and littlest nephew Trey.

At one point, Katie crawled up in my lap and whispered, "Goo [this is a nickname all the kids call me], I know what's in your belly." I asked her what, and she grinned so cute and said "A baby!!" My heart melted right there on their dining room floor, y'all. So sweet.

After making our rounds in Birmingham, we headed back to Nashville for one last day with Nathan's parents. But before we made it to Nashville, we stopped off at the halfway point to meet up with my bloggy friend Morgan! This was the first blog friend meet-up I've had, and it was so nice to spend an hour over lunch with her and her man. 

We also squeezed in some time while we were there to stop in and see sweet Lila - Nathan's cousin Anna and her husband Chase just brought her home 5 days before we were there, and she is the cutest thing!

Oh and this also makes the list for important things we did while in the south - the girls were crowned Sequence Champions for the weekend, and the guys were humble enough to take our victory photo. :) It was a sweet victory, indeed, even though the guys quickly stated they "let" us win because I was pregnant. ;)

The plane ride home the next day was bittersweet. We were extremely sad to leave our family and friends after such an exciting weekend, but we also came back home feeling hugely loved. Although waiting 4 months to spill the beans was so hard, we agreed it was worth it to see our families reactions in person, receive their warm hugs and share an entire week spending time together. 


  1. What a happy memory - it was great having you visit - and yeah!!! for the Sequence victory.

  2. I can't believe you went so long without telling your mom! I love that you were able to tell them in person. The reactions are definitely the best!


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