Friday, January 13, 2012

Our next BIG project

We're back from our southern vacation! We had the best time with our family and friends in TN and AL and miss them dearly already. Although we're still unpacking and settling in, I did want to pop on the blog today and finally hit "publish" on this post that I've had in the works. (remember that big project I told you we were working on?!?)

Well, since our major kitchen renovation is mostly behind us, we thought it was high time to reveal what we’ve decided to tackle next here at Casa de Atwood. We’ve actually been contemplating this project for the past 4 months, but we’ve been trying desperately to keep a tight lid on it until the right moment.

So without further adieu, we present to you our biggest project to date:

For the past 3 years, this room has been “Nathan’s office” and we’ve known it always needed some sprucing up, but just weren’t quite sure what to do with the space.

Four months ago we decided we could do something along the lines of this….

 Or, depending on how plans go, we could do something a little more feminine….

I think you get the idea! :)

That’s right. For the next several months, the hub’s and I will be switching furniture around, painting walls, and transitioning this room into a place for this little guy or gal who is expected to arrive on June 24…

And we couldn’t be more excited!

I’ll be back next week with more details, including how we spilled the beans to our families over holiday break!


  1. Congratulations!!! I am SO excited for you!! I cried a few happy tears for you :) I can't wait to hear how you shared the news with your families! Yay!!

  2. Aww love both of the nurseries you picked out!! :) So happy for ya'll. Can't wait to find out what you are having!! I love you!

  3. Congratulations, again, friend!!! I am so excited for you two. I'm guessing you LOVE your kitchen... but you're going to LOVE your office transformation more!

  4. So happy for you guys! =) Congrats again! I'm so excited to see what you guys do with this space and so excited for you to meet your little one in June! =)

  5. SOOOOO excited about the news!!!! Can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl - loved both nursery options.

  6. I saw on pinterest that you've been pinning a lot of nursery things! I thought, hmmm, I wonder......

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you both! What a wonderfully exciting moment!

  7. Corey and I are elated for you two!! Much congratulations, how exciting!! I can't stop using exclamation points; I really am so happy!!

  8. Congrats! Being a Mommy is the best thing EVER. We've recently realized that having a 3 year old and a 5 month old sleeping in the same room is not such a good idea after all LOL. So we're transforming our office into a nursery also, can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Blessings!!

  9. Congratulations to the both of you!?!?!?! Excited to see the upcoming project!

  10. ahhh! congrats! i am so excited for you both!

  11. Thanks so much for the congrats, everyone! :) We are so excited!


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