Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Progress: DIY Artwork

We're starting to put the finishing touches on our kitchen renovation, and I couldn't be happier. To bring you up to speed, these are the last remaining items left on our To-Do list:

  • Hang crown molding around upper cabinets
  • Install kick plates on lower cabinets
  • Install sink base cabinet doors
  • Re-install trim in dining room and kitchen
  • Install trim around Kitchen window
  • Install cabinet above the fridge 
  • Finish Tile in Dining Room 
  • Make cafe curtain for kitchen and drapes for French doors 
  • Buy a kitchen rug (I finally found the perfect one at Target for $20!)
  • Buy a new trash can
  • DIY some Kitchen art (in progress)

There's actually more things crossed off the list than there are to do on the list, which makes my strikethrough lovin' heart pitter patter. :)

This weekend, I got to work on the DIY artwork. There were three major things I wanted to DIY for the kitchen art:
  1. Some small framed photography done by my talented hubby (here's a photo of what I'm envisioning)
  2. A DIY chalkboard (I actually finished this last night, but am waiting to see if I like it enough to keep it)
  3. And lastly, a cute piece of artwork I just spied last week via pinterest...
Pinned Image

This cute little cork monogram can be purchased on Etsy for $27, but I already had a ton of corks leftover from my birthday present from Nathan that I wasn't using, so I knew this would be a fairly cheap and easy project to whip up myself. And for the record, we're not wino's, Nathan just bought me a random bag o' corks off of Ebay because he knows I love wine corks. I know this is a weird fetish, but there's just something rustic and very Italian about them that I love. :)

Anyway. This project set me back a whopping $1.99, and I'm happy to say it only took me about 30 minutes to assemble.

Here's what you'll need to make your very own cork monogram:

A wooden letter - I bought mine from Hobby Lobby for $1.99!

A glue gun

And some corks

You'll want to start by placing your corks on your letter to decide how many you'll need, and where you want each cork to go (I knew after I did this, that some of the corks would need to be cut, and I was able to do this easily with a standard kitchen knife)

One by one, glue your corks to your letter. 

I made some adjustments with mine as I went along, but here's what the final project looked like:

And here's a close up of how I had to retrofit a couple of the corks...

And the best part is, it double as a place to pin recipes while you're cooking! :)


  1. Such a cute idea. Thank you for the tutorial and best of luck with your remodel! :)


  2. Love the corks; my mother-in-law got a bag from Free Cycle for me for a hurricane she got us for Christmas; picture coming later!

  3. That is so clever - a place to pin the recipe - what a cute craft for such a low price! Homemade is even better.

  4. Love the "A" -- and the mat for the kitchen. Is it squishy? Comfy to stand on?

  5. Ahh! You guys are getting so close to the finish line! Congrats. =)

    That A is so cute - and I love that it doubles as a pin board.

  6. Very cool idea with the corks! My last name starts with an A so I love it even more :)
    -Jack @ Home Improvement


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