Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Progress: DIY Art (Cont.)

Back in this post, I showed you a little inexpensive DIY art project that I whipped up for our kitchen remodel using old corks. Today I wanted to share with you another DIY art project that I am just completely and utterly giddy over!

I desperately wanted to make a DIY chalkboard for our kitchen that could be a place for our menu plan, or just a space for the hub's and I to write little love notes on for each other to see. I know DIY chalkboards have been surfacing blogland for quite a while, but I'll still show you how mine turned out. 

It all started with an old wooden frame that I found at the Goodwill a while back for about $2. I knew it would be the perfect size for a chalkboard, so I swiped it up and threw it in the back of our coat closet until last week. 

After the curtains were hung, I decided it would be the perfect time to spray paint the frame! I took a swatch of the fabric down to Lowe's and purchased this spray paint in "avocado":

And a small can of this chalkboard paint, which by the way, is not cheap! I think I paid $15 for this tiny little can. I hear there are such things as Chalkboard Spray Paint, and I was hoping to find that, but this is all the fine folks at Lowe's had the day I went. (Luckily my frame only set me back $2!)

I started by removing the board from my frame, and setting it aside. Then I proceeded to spray paint the frame a nice shade of green!

I gave it two nice coats, and then started on the chalkboard. All I did was paint this twice and let it completely dry for 24-48 hours.

After my bright green frame dried, I realized it looked a bit too polished for my taste, so I used the claw of a hammer and some sandpaper to "rough" it up a bit:

And here's the finished project waiting to be hung!

It's going on the blank wall next to the fridge, right after I touch up those spots on the wall with some paint! ;)

I wish I could say this project was as cheap as the cork monogram, but in the end it set me back about $20. It's probably still cheaper than buying a chalkboard brand new, so I still feel pretty good about the $20 spent. :)


  1. GREAT DIY. And, bonus, I think I can actually do this. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your chalkboard!! So fun! The color is great and that will be so useful for you guys. =)

  3. DIY home improvement - always ends up being quite an adventure. Glad you are able to share yours!


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