Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap + Dec. 5 Menu Plan

This weekend was the 3rd annual Christmas Tree choppin' event. On Saturday, my mom, dad, Nathan and me bundled up and hit a local Christmas Tree farm in search of the perfect tree. 

The sun was so bright, and it was the perfect day for Christmas tree picking. We reminisced about last year's Christmas Tree event, when it was freeeezing cold, and we tromped around in our snow boots.

This year was picture perfect. And Santa even made an appearance!

Because my parents have pretty high ceilings in their house, they went out in search for a tall Christmas tree...

And the hub's and I ventured to the shorter tree section...

And it didn't take us long at all to spot this little guy...

He wasn't perfect (which I loved), and was even a little lopsided in some parts, but we knew it was the one! Nathan used his manly skills to saw him down, and we loaded him up and off we went!

And because the tree farm was too crowded to snap some photos of our trees all bundled up, we did some photo snapping back at the homestead...

You can see our little tree in the background of this photo...look how tiny it looks compared to my parents' mammoth tree! :)

This week our menu plan is a little less exciting due to some late night work events and busy schedules. However, we're hoping towards the end of the week, we can enjoy some delicious meals together!

Monday - On Your Own 

Wednesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup 

Thursday - PW's Chicken Parmesan, {new} veggies 

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - White Chili {new}


  1. I love traditions - three years in a row definitely makes it a tradition. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it all decorated - I'm sure it will outshine all the others. HA

  2. How super to be able to go and cut your own tree........ I'm sure it will look great!!

  3. too cute! there is nothing i love more tan a tree with character! Have you found any good decorations anywhere?

  4. Love the photos of tree cutting! Do you have it all decorated yet?

  5. So fun! I love your little tree - it's perfect for you guys. =) And that's so fun that you went with your family. I love that picture with Santa!


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