Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Ahead...

All this week, we’ve been recapping what happened around here in 2011. (You can see those posts here and here in case you’ve missed them!)

I don’t know about you, but I get such a kick out of looking back and remembering the stuff we accomplished, how many changes we saw, lessons we learned, and how many simple fun times we shared...just in 12 short months!

I also get a major buzz off of making goals for the following year. (I know. I'm a nerd.) There’s just something I love about a fresh start – whether it’s the start of a new season, or a new year.

So here they are…our 2012 family goals:

Spiritual Goals:
  • Rachel- Join SSMT again, memorizing 24 verses in 52 weeks (I think this starts up again on Sunday, so feel free to join in with us if you’re looking for a way to memorize more Scripture this year!)
  • Together – get back in the habit of doing couples devotions and having more prayer time together

(Nathan has his own spiritual goals, but I won’t share those on the blog without his permission)

Financial Goals:
  • Beef up our "rainy day" fund
  • Continue paying down the last of the student loan debt; finally becoming debt free!
  • Save enough money to take another vacation (we’re thinking of doing some smaller “long weekend” vacations throughout the year, instead of a major getaway)

House Project Goals:

  • We have a big project we’ve been working on that’s coming down the pipeline in a few short weeks, but I have a whole post planned for that, so you’ll have to wait!
  • Finish painting all the trim white (I’m almost 85% done, so I’m hoping to finish this up early this year)
  • Buy new closet doors, and paint them white (we’re hoping to do this in Jan. or Feb.)
  • Hang crown molding around upper cabinets in January, finally kissing the Kitchen Renovation GOODBYE! Sweet victory! Woot! Yahoooo! get the idea
  • Redecorate Guest Bedroom
  • Re-arrange the furniture in the living room (maybe), and DIY some art for above the couch

  • Add trellis to back flower bed
  • Plant something vine-y in the back bed to grow up the trellis
  • Paint the shed in the backyard
  • Remove dead tree in side lawn before winter 2012
  • Remove bushes by the mailbox

Marriage Goals:
  • Continue with our “love jar” discipline, and our $2/offense discipline – loving and respecting each other more. (I’ll share more about these two disciplines we’ve adopted in the next few weeks!)

Any resolutions/goals in your family this year? I'd love to hear!!


  1. We have 22 doors in our basement that can be used for closets or main room doors; they are white with holes for doorknobs. We were going to put them on Craiglist, but if they fit your measurements you are welcome to however many you need.

  2. I love making goals - if you aim at nothing, you're sure to hit it- so the saying goes. There's such a good feeling in checking those off the list.

  3. I love making goals too, must have something to do with my love of crossing completed things off the list. :-) Good luck on your goals this year!

  4. Thanks for sharing your goals :) H and I still need to finish our list for 2012. I can't wait to hear about the "love jar." It already sounds great! I think I'm going to join SSMT again this year, but stick with it this time...I might need some extra accountability! Happy New Year, Rachel :)

  5. I love your list!! Oh, please share your two marriage disciplines in further detail. I think I may want to introduce those into my home. :)


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