Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Family Goals - Recap

For those of you who are new around here, each year the Hub’s and I set some family goals at the beginning of the year. We also recap those goals at the end to see how we’ve done.

So, how did we do in 2011? Let’s take a look! (The original post is here)

  • Save enough money to take a beach trip for our 2nd anniversary/Nathan’s birthday in early-July – Done! We actually re-visited Mexico for the 2nd time, and had a completely relaxing and fun week!
  • Pay off all student loans by the end of 2011; becoming debt free!! – As of this point, we are about 97% of the way there! We are still paying on one small school loan, but we anticipate having that one done in 2012. We're both a little bummed that we didn't fully reach this goal, but we also didn't anticipate doing a full kitchen remodel in 2011 either, so that's partly why we weren't able to do more. 
  • Continue saving money towards Rachel’s new (to her) car. – Done! We are so happy that our car fund is fully funded! The best part is, my ole’ 165,000+ mile car is still trucking along, so until it completely kicks the bucket, we’re just continuing to add to the fund (we’ve decided whatever “extra” we have, will go towards Nathan’s next car, which hopefully won’t be for many, many more years).  
  • House Projects – We had BIG dreams and plans for doing 11 house projects in 2011, but as many of you know the kitchen renovation took precedence. We did get a few others checked off our house project list though: Paint all the trim in the house white (we’re about 85% of the way there on this goal!); plant more flowers in the back bed; and one extra one that we didn’t plan for, but did anyway because of some free weed control and mulch – create our side flower bed!
  • Last but not least...workout and ride our bikes more. – Done! Although we didn’t get to bike very much this summer, we did take a lot of hikes, runs and long walks. And now that it's winter, we’re still chugging along in our makeshift gym down in the basement, trying to keep our 3 days/week workout schedule going.

Aside from our family goals, in 2011 we also decided to set some personal goals. One of mine was to memorize more Scripture, so I joined the Siesta Scripture Memory Team over on Beth Moore’s blog. With the Lord’s help and wisdom, we memorized 24 verses in 2011! I am so glad I stuck with this goal, and finished the year out strong. God has shown me this year just how powerful implanting His Word in my heart and mind can be, so I’m definitely planning to join SSMT again in 2012!

As Nathan and I have looked back into 2011, it has been a year of BIG blessings, answered prayers, and more ways God has shown His faithfulness to us. The kitchen renovation alone is a major way He’s proven faithful. Nathan and I haven’t had to take out one cent of debt on that project because God has been faithful to provide cabinets, windows, a new door, tile, and dedicated workers...all at a reasonable amount (or free!).

He’s also done hundreds of other things for us this year from the small to the large, and as we look back, we both agree that the verse that sums up our year the best is Psalm 126:3: “The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with JOY.”

So what did you accomplish in 2011? Any weight loss or finance goals tackled? Any personal goals fulfilled? I'd love to hear!


  1. It's good to look back and evaluate - ya'll accomplished a lot this year! I followed your example and memorized Scripture this year - it was a good discipline that I really needed. Thanks for the challenge!

    Is there a new one for 2012?

  2. Love this post! So much to be thankful for. You guys did a great job at saving money! To be able to get your new car fund completed, to almost finish paying off school debt and to do your kitchen remodel with no debt is incredible. You guys rock! And that's so great that you were able to memorize 24 verses! Go girl! =)

  3. You guys did a great job this year! Can't wait to see your plans for next year! I'm proud of you for memorizing all of those verses! I'd like to try it again, but maybe half of that this time!

  4. What an inspiration! And y'all did great on your goals. I know it's inspiring to go back and see what you've accomplished!

  5. Wow -- God's blessings are abundant :) What fun to look back on that and realize it (yet again!).


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