Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trim Update...9 months later

So remember back in February when I posted this little update saying I had decided to take on an ambitious little project called "Paint all the Trim, Doors, Windows and Hinges in the Entire House???" My original goal was to get everything done by the end of March (bahahaha), but that never happened. 

When we last left off, I had finished painting the living room trim, kitchen trim, bathroom trim, and some of the hallway trim. Oh, and I had also started spray painting all of our brass knobs and hinges brushed nickle. Then I took the doors off and started painting those...and that's where our "little" project turned into a nightmare. 

You see, our hallway closet doors must not have liked the paint or temperature, or being removed from their hinges after 60 years, because after painting them white we went to put them back on and none of them fit. Not a single one. Luckily, all the bedroom doors fit back on with a little finagling. And, also luckily, we only have 3 hallway closet doors that now need replacing (2 in the actual hallway and 1 in the entryway by the front door - we use it as a coat closet). And after some price shopping, we guesstimated that the replacement doors would only cost us about $65, which doesn't break my heart too much. 

Needless to say, I hung my paintbrush up to dry for a while until I could regain the steam to start the project up again. And that's where this post comes in! Thanks to some cooler temps rolling our way, I've been tackling the hallway once again. 

Here's how things are looking....

And just to refresh your memory, this is the hallway before any painting had been done:

And this was back in March after I painted the trim white:

And here she is now with white trim and a few white doors to match:

Of course, we still need to buy closet doors for the hallway...

But I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how fresh and clean a couple coats of white paint and brushed nickle spray paint make everything look! Nothing gives me more ambition to finish a project than looking at before and after's.

And just so I keep my momentum, here's the only items left on the "Paint all the Trim, Doors, Windows Hinges in the Entire House" project To-Do List:
  • Paint trim in Nathan's office
  • Paint trim in Master Bedroom
  • Paint trim in Guest Bedroom
  • Paint bedroom closet doors (these are sliders, so I'm not taking them off to paint them, which means less headache and time!)


  1. Wow! Rachel! The hallway looks so much more bright and airy. I love how it turned out. =)

  2. Glad to hear you got at least some of the doors to fit back on! You're motivating me to get in gear and finish painting the rest of our doors white too. :)

  3. Good job, painting! It really brightens up the space.

  4. I love the colors you chose...brightened the whole hallway right up! Want to come and paint my house? j/k =)

  5. love, love, love the white. I'm with Brooke - you're welcome any time!


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