Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Goodwill Finds

Mom and I found some great deals on shirts/sweaters today at our local Goodwill.

Like this pretty deep purple long-sleeved tee, originally from Old Navy, for $2.50

And this really cozy long-sleeved navy tee with a nice ruffle detail on the front, for $2.50. This was originally from Walmart.
And this vibrant blue short-sleeved shirt, originally from The Limited, for $ has some nice details on it, like the buttons on the back and the ruched sleeves

And lastly, my favorite find of the day...this cute striped dress, originally from Old Navy, for $4.99. It didn't photograph very well, but it's a navy-blueish color with white stripes. It was missing the belt, but I have just the right one to go with it.

So how about you? Did you find any great deals this weekend? I'd love to hear!!


  1. We can be twins! I have that same dress! I wore it with my skinny jeans because I could never find leggings to go with it and I thought it was too see-thru to wear on it's own! Here's my WIWW with it on!

  2. I love all those shirts that you got! And that dress is so cute too. You find the best deals there! That blue shirt would be so nice with a pencil skirt for work, but still great with jeans for going out on the weekend.

  3. You find the cutest clothes at Goodwill!!


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