Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gratituesday: Godly Girlfriends

Last week, I did some deliberate gratitude pondering. I was having a rough day, so I started counting blessings. One of the blessings God brought to my mind right away is one that I haven't really taken time to think about...God reminded me that right now in my life I have more Godly women surrounding me than I have ever had in my life before. And when I began thinking about them by name, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

These are women who are my age and offer an enormous amount of encouragement and provide laughter; women who are older and are pouring out all sorts of Godly wisdom and truth into my life; and women who are younger that I have the blessing to serve who are so full of life and just plain fun to be around. 

And I would be remiss not to mention my far-away friends...those faithful ones who have stood by me, prayed for me, and even kept in touch with me after moving all the way from Alabama to Upstate New York five years ago. 

And then there's this community...the blogosphere...the one I never imagined God would use to bring about Godly friends in my life. But He did. I've emailed back and forth with many of you, and have been so blessed by your comments, emails and your own posts on your own blogs. Although we've never met face to face, I do treasure our special friendships. 

And then there's things like our Church, my Bible study lady friends, my sweet mom, pastor's wives, my extended family, my married-into family - all who make up this great big circle of girlfriends around me.

And I am so blessed by you...all of you. I thank God that He chose to surround little ole' broken me with so many strong, beautiful, Godly, wise, and hilarious women. Thank you for pushing me towards Christ. For encouraging me. And for demonstrating His love through you.

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  1. That is a wonderful blessing! I feel so blessed too when I think about the Godly women in my life. Definitely something to be thankful for. =)

  2. It is a wonderful thing to think about...and a good reminder for me...as all I'm reminded of today is how broken and lost I am....we do have wonderful Godly women to help support us! Thanks for that reminder today...you weren't the only one in need of it!

  3. It is SO nice and encouraging to have women around you like this. I wish I had more in my life!


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