Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gratituesday: Accountablity

This is my sweet mom . . . 

The one I go Goodwill shopping with every single Sunday afternoon. The one I order a tall sugar-free vanilla soy latte with at Starbucks (yes, we order the same drink). The one I confide in when I have something girly I need to share, and Nathan just isn't the right person to share it with. The one I email every morning. The one that calls me her "joy baby" even though I'm 25-years-old. The one who graciously gives up her husband so that he can help us with house projects. The one who prays for me every. single. day. (she's never told me this, but I have a feeling it's true.) The one I share yummy recipes with. 

And most importantly...the one that holds me accountable...and the one that I hold accountable. 

I am thankful for her every day, but today my heart is overflowing with thankfulness to her. Most recently, mom and I decided to make a deal...since we email each other every morning, we decided to start including a short list of things we're thankful for in our emails. It can be small, or big things...and can be 1 thing or 25 things. It has made such a difference in the way I start my day, and I count myself blessed to have a "gratitude accountability partner." The fact that my partner just happens to be my best friend and my mom is also an added bonus! ;)

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  1. what a beautiful gift. I'm guessing this came out of Ann's book?!

    hope you and your mom's relationship continues to grow.

  2. You and your mom are adorable! I'm so glad you two have such a wonderful relationship and get to spend so much quality time together. =) That's a great idea about the daily emails. I would love to do something like that with my mom.

  3. What a great picture of you and your Mom, I love that y'all have such a great relationship and so thoughtful of gratitude. Great idea btw, I am lucky enough to say that my mom is my best friend as well.

  4. So sweet! Thanks for sharing your mom with us!


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