Monday, September 5, 2011

Week of Sept. 5 Menu Plan

I've been slacking in posting my menu the past few weeks, but don’t you start thinking that I haven’t been planning my menu. This discipline is one we started about 6 months into our marriage and I don’t think we’ll ever let it slip. It’s amazing how just a little planning and preparation can save you time and money.

Speaking of my love for menu planning, I was so delighted when I received an email from Duo Public Relations asking if I’d review a copy of the all-new book The Hour That Matters Most by authors Les and Leslie Parrott, Stephanie Allen, and Tina Kuna.

I’m just now in the beginning stages of reading it, but I’ll be sure to honor my word and give you a thoughtful review when I'm done. So far, it’s really good so I encourage those of you who are struggling with menu planning or having meals with your family to check it out! (The book is being released tomorrow!) There are lots of great tips, tricks and recipes for busy families.

Last week, the hubs was battling a nasty viral infection so we kept things simple with lots of soups and comfort dinners. This week, I’m happy he’s on the mend and we can start enjoying dinners together again!

Monday – We’re celebrating a belated birthday with my dad, so I’m having them over for lunch, cake and presents. I’ll be cooking up SnoWhite’s Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta (one of our favorites!), a garden salad, and a French Vanilla Cake.

Tuesday - {Meat Free} Egg Salad Sandwiches w/ Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Wednesday – Taco Chicken Bowls {new}

Thursday – Leftover Night

Friday – Cheez-It Chicken, Veggies

Saturday – On Your Own - Nathan will be off that day, and I'll be at the Beth Moore Simulcast!!!!! :)

If you need more menu planning ideas, check out I'm an Organizing Junkie - tons of great menus are posted each week for Menu Planning Monday!

I hope you and yours have a fabulous Labor Day!



  1. I'll have to check out that book :) Looks good.

    Enjoy your week -- Adam was sick last week too, and now, just in time for school to start back up, he seems to have passed his lovely germs to me :( Glad Nathan is better!

  2. I'm glad your hubby is feeling better this week! That book sounds really good. Let us know what you think. =)


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