Monday, September 19, 2011

Week of Sept. 19 Menu Plan

Thanks to everyone who wished me a safe and enjoyable weekend away at the Jr. High Retreat! We had a blast. I'm writing this to you with eyelids half open, my blood sugar at its very highest and a full heart. 

We stayed at the beautiful Three Springs Ministries in PA, and there were things involved like tractor pulling, throwing cow tongues, and human foosball. Y'all know I'm from Alabama, but I have never seen the likes of a cow tongue until now. It is nasty, y'all. And my word, is it big! I have a new appreciation for our beefy friends.  

On a serious note, It was a pure joy to see a bunch of 7th and 8th graders in unadulterated worship . . . raising their hands, and belting out praise to Jesus. I wish you could have seen them. I have no doubt that it would've made your heart just about melt like it did mine. They are the sweetest little things, and it is such an honor to serve them.

This week, I'm excited to be back in the kitchen cooking up some of our favorite fall dishes! And because we're talking fall and food, can you believe my local grocer doesn't have a spot on the shelf for canned pumpkin yet?!?!? I thought I would get ahead of the game and buy some last night, plus I got a mad hankerin' for pumpkin pancakes, and I couldn't find the stuff anywhere. If they don't start selling it soon, I might need to put out a PSA. 

Phew. I'm glad I got that off my chest. I knew y'all would understand. ;) Enough blabbing. Here's what we're chowing down on this week:

Monday - Small Group Bible Study - Dinner with our group

Tuesday - Crock Pot Chicken Spinach Soup (a fall favorite!)

Wednesday - Sweet & Sour Pork w/ Rice 

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - TBD

If you need more menu plan ideas, don't forget to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie. Lots of great menu plans are posted each Monday for Menu Planning Monday.

Have a blessed Monday!!!



  1. delicious eats this week! I know I left a note on FB, but you can totally use sweet potato to tide you over until pumpkin is in ;)

    so glad the retreat went well and that you were encouraged and I'm sure were an encouragement to them.

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time on your youth retreat! That definitely would have melted my heart to see those little ones! So sad for you that they don't have canned pumpkin out yet. =(

  3. So glad your weekend retreat, it sounds like a blast.

    Now if you can't find pumpkin, I will seriously be happy to ship you some, lol. I am serious, I am already stocking up, in case that should ever happen down here.

    Now those spinach meals look excellent, and that soup, I will have to try it this fall. I am pinning it.


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