Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Goodwill Finds

Due to the busyness of the past few weeks, my mom and I haven't been able to make our Sunday Goodwill shopping trips. After 2 weeks of not going to the Goodwill, Nathan agreed to take me last night and allow me to get a fix shop around a bit.

We found some great deals!

A super-comfy "tissue tee" turtleneck, originally from Target for $2.50

A blue button-up for Nathan, originally from Lord & Taylor for $6.50 (I normally would never pay $6.50 for a shirt from the Goodwill, but Nathan has to wear blue button-up's for work so I figure $6.50 for a nice work shirt isn't bad)

A cute cotton purple and white skirt, originally from Target (with the original tags still on it!) for $2.50...this will be great for these last few days of summer!

A pair of GAP jeans for me - $15.99 (major GASP!!!) 

I feel like I need to explain this purchase. I usually never, ever pay $16 for Goodwill jeans, but in this case...the jeans are 1.) in super great shape (they don't even look used at all) and 2.) they are "short" length, which I wear but never can find at the Goodwill. Lastly, I did ask the cashier when the "green tag" would be half-off and he said it would be 2 more weeks, so I figured I needed to swipe them before they got bought. It was hard, but I think it was worth it.

A pair of Express Editor kahki-color dress pants for me - $6.50 (they were half-off, and short length...yippie!)

We also got a pair of work kahki's for Nathan, but for some reason I can't find the photo...they were $4.50, so we snatched those puppies right up!


  1. I never make it into Goodwill enough. And sometimes it's just not good stuff around here. Maybe I need to go to the "richer" part of town and look at their Goodwill's. Maybe they'd have more. :)

  2. Nice finds Rachel! I wish there was a Goodwill closer to me. =(


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