Friday, September 9, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Progress: Wide Angle Shots

Project Kitchen Remodel is coming along smoothly! 95% of the tiling is done (it just needs grouting) and 99% of the cabinets are hung and in place. Here's how our to-do list is looking these days:

  • Hang crown molding around upper cabinets
  • Install kick plates on lower cabinets
  • Install sink base cabinet doors
  • Re-install trim in dining room and kitchen
  • Install trim around Kitchen window
  • Install cabinet above the fridge 
  • Finish Tile in Dining Room and front entry-way; grout tile
  • Make cafe curtain for kitchen and drapes for French doors (I have the fabric, but I haven't started making them yet)
  • Buy a kitchen rug
  • Buy a new trash can
  • DIY some Kitchen art

And for you more visual folks (like myself), here's some photos of the updated tile, trash can and paper towel know, because we get excited over things like that around here!

We temporarily moved our dining room furniture back in since we had house can see the guys only have one last little sliver of tile to lay over by the wall

As you can see from the below picture, we didn't really have a space for a trash can....
{nevermind the Crock Pot and Rice Cooker on the countertop...they were busy making our dinner that evening}

So, we improvised and got a slim trash can from Wal Mart, along with a hanging paper towel holder from BB&B...we love how they fit so snug into this unused small space!
You might also be able to tell by the photos that I've been playing around with the new camera (I love the wide lens!). Here are some angles we haven't been able to photograph up until now . . .

The living room, with the kitchen/dining room in the background
Since the last time you saw this photo, we updated our area rug to a jute hand-me-down from my mom - I love how durable it is!

A straight-on look at the living room (you'll notice my Ikea drapes are up now...just need to find some cheap-o Roman Shades to put in place of our blinds. I also have plans for something different above our couch.)

A different angle of the living room showing the front entryway tile (circa 1950's)...we plan to re-tile that with some of the leftover kitchen tile so that things look consistent.

And lastly, a nice wide angle shot of the kitchen with the French doors

Just a few more weeks of hard work left!


  1. It looks great - a lot of hard work went into all that. Kudos to you!

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! You guys have made such wonderful progress. That kitchen looks so fancy. =)

  3. my friend... can't wait to see it in person. it looks absolutely amazing. love the new curtains in the living room too.

  4. Rachel, I love that kitchen! Its so cute and I love all your touches to make it your own. I know you are so glad to have it all back in order!!!

  5. it looks amazing! i am so impressed how far you all have come!


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