Monday, August 22, 2011

A Quick Hello...and some photos!

Hey friends! I haven't vanished off the face of the earth, or decided to move to Mexico but I am enjoying lots of QT with Nathan's sweet parents this week so that's why you might see me posting less than usual. I did want to hop on real quick and tell you about our fun weekend.

Last Thursday, Nathan and I flew to Nashville, TN to watch his older brother get hitched. Nathan was in the wedding, so we had a weekend filled with family, love, laughter and...of course, food. Nathan's mom, aunt, sister, cousin and me were in charge of making the groom's cake (which was actually a slew of cupcakes), and might I say that we are quite the cupcake makers?! I hope that isn't too forward, but they were delicious and the best cupcakes I've ever had. In fact, they were all gone before the cake was even cut! 

I never got to try these bad boys, and I almost had a knock-down drag out for the last one, but I thought a fight over a cupcake at a wedding would be highly unbecoming of me, so I backed down. Let's just say, you might be seeing these on the blog soon...they've been on my mind ever since. 

Here's Nathan's brother and new sweet wife saying "I Do" :)

Nathan's parents sneaking in a quick smooch before the ceremony :)

And me with my handsome man ;)

On Saturday, Nathan, his parents, and me loaded in the car and made our drive back to NY. Riding 13 hours in the car wasn't bad, but the icing on the cake was definitely stopping at...


This was my first-ever Ikea trip, and although we only had 1.5 hours in the store before they closed, we managed to snag some great deals and peruse all the departments. 

Here's a tease of what we bought...I'll be sure to post details later!

Hope you've had a great weekend friends! I'll be back soon with recipes, kitchen updates, and you can Ikea recap! :)



  1. Great pictures! What a fun weekend. =) Those cupcakes look amazing and I'm looking forward to hearing the recipes. I'm so excited for you that you got to go to Ikea - can't wait to hear what you got!

  2. WOW! Those cupcakes look amazing- Cant wait to see what all you purchased!

  3. ohh... those curtains! so excited!


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