Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Back to Normal-ish

We are closing in on month 5 of the big Kitchen remodel, which means that things are starting to slowly wrap up!

Last week, Nathan and my dad worked to get the final upper cabinets installed . . .

I made sure to commemorate the moment with 821 photos. I also tweeted about it. You know, because while they sweat, labor and toil, I tweet, find recipes and file my fingernails. :) I kid. Really what I’m doing is more like: dust, sweep, mop. Repeat 5 times.

I am so pleased with the last installation of the cabinets. My favorite is that cute little glass front corner cabinet next to our new window that bounces some great natural light into the kitchen.

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a nice place to store some of my pretties. Of course, those are temporary stand-in pretties . . . I told Nathan it’s a general unspoken rule that you have to redecorate when you renovate. I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere. ;)

The guys also made some headway on the ceramic tile last week too . . .

(nevermind that lone blown lightbulb)

Of course, what was headway quickly became backway when we found out that one of our walls in the kitchen is crooked and the guys had to take up 4 rows of tile and finagle them to fit.  Truth: We’re discovering through this remodel just how imperfect our little ranch is, but we love it just the same.

You might have also noticed in that photo that we installed trim around the French door. We're very pleased with the look of the fluted trim and the fancy circle thingys around the dad suggested those, and I am glad he did!

In other news, do you remember when I showed you my impeccable organizational and cleaning skills mid-renovation? Well, I’m happy to report that real life is lookin’ less like a hot mess and more like a place to welcome our out-of-town guests (aka Nathan’s parents), who are coming next week. I’m not dare going to take all the credit for getting my house back to normal-ish. My mom was sweet enough to come and join me for 4 hours of deep, intense, sweat-from-our-brow cleaning. 

Now that the tile is almost done, there's only a few more things left for us to do:

  • Hang crown molding around upper cabinets
  • Install kick plates on lower cabinets
  • Install sink base cabinet doors
  • Re-install trim in dining room and kitchen
  • Install trim around Kitchen window
  • Finish Tile in Dining Room and front entry-way; grout tile
  • Make cafe curtain for kitchen and drapes for French doors
  • Buy a kitchen rug
  • Buy a new trash can
  • DIY some Kitchen art
The end is so, so near and I just couldn't be happier!


  1. What progress - it is looking amazing! Maybe we can go shopping when I am there and BUY some of the things on your wish list - that sounds even more fun. Can't wait to see you (and the new improved kitchen)

  2. yea for progress! We too, have discovered all the quirks in our home over the last year remodeling... now we're always on the lookout for something that is not straight ;-) heck, our garage door opener burned out last year because it wasn't mounted level. The guy who replaced it said he's never seen that model burn out before. Go figure.

  3. Yay for the end. It looks great and I too like the fancy circle things around the door, very pretty! I also love that little cabinet to store your pretties. I have heard you need to buy new for your new kitchen. I did get a few things after we did ours!
    Hoping its not too much longer and you're back in business!

  4. Rachel, Your kitchen is really coming along! Your cabinets are gorgeous! The little glass corner cabinet next to your window is a great detail!
    Everything is going to be so wonderful and so worth all the time and effort!
    But most of all, I love the picture of Nathan, he looks so proud (in a good way) and accomplished!
    xo Auntie Yvonne

  5. Yay! Great progress! Looks great! =)

  6. It looks really great! I'm glad all the work (and chaos) is paying off!

  7. It looks great, Rachel! I'm glad it's turning out to be everything you wanted it to be! I love the cabinet with the glass, too!

  8. it looks amazing!! i havent been a good blogger lately but i am so excited to see the progress it looks amazing!


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