Monday, July 25, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Update + Week of July 25 Menu Plan

By the time you read this post, our countertop installers will be here working their magic. Since I have to work today, Nathan is holding down the fort...this means that I won't get to see the finished product until this afternoon. The suspense is killing me. I am thrilled beyond thrilled to have countertops again, and it feels like another big check off of our Kitchen To-Do List. Some of you inquired as to what kind of countertops we decided on, and I have to say it was quite the decision. Who knew there would be so many different types, colors, brands, cuts, and textures?! 

We originally decided on solid surface (particularly the Corian or the Martha brands), but then our local Lowe's (aka our new BFF's) had a smashing deal on granite that we just couldn't turn down. It actually ended up being cheaper than the solid surface countertops we were looking at, so we were pretty pumped. The only down-side about the deal was that there were only 4 colors to choose from, and as you may know there are about 9,814 colors to choose from when it comes to solid surfaces. Luckily, one of the four colors worked with our cabinets + tile so everything worked out just fine! I'll be sure to post pics tomorrow of them installed! :)

Oh, and PS -- Y'all have been so kind through this whole kitchen remodel process. It's like I have my own little kitchen remodel (virtual) team cheering us on to the finish line. And trust me...that finish line is sounding sweeter and sweeter with each passing day! Basically what I'm trying to say is...thanks. Your encouragement and excitement has just been so much fun to read. 

This week, we're keeping things simple during the first-half due to the countertop installation and me being without a sink for a few days. However, we're excited to try some new dishes towards the end of the week!

Monday -- On Your Own (Rachel ~ Leftover Pasta; Nathan ~ Leftover Pizza)

Tuesday -- Simple Supper (Tuna, Turkey or PB&J Sandwiches with Chips & Salsa and Fresh Strawberries)

Wednesday -- Tostada Pizza {new}

Thursday -- {Meat Free} Red Pepper, Garlic & Herb Ravioli {new} w/ Veggies 

Friday -- Cilantro Citrus Chicken {new} w/ Brown Rice & Veggies

Saturday -- TBD

If you need more menu plan ideas, head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday!


  1. Yay for countertops! =) Your menu for the week sounds good. yum!

  2. i have lots of comments today...

    tostada pizzas sound amazing- cant wait to see the recipe!

    congrats on the granite- you will love it! i would die for some in my apartment!

    i am loving the blog background.... I want it!

  3. The ravioli sounds amazing! Yea for counter tops -- I remember when we got ours.. oh, my!

    when they went in, my sister (who was holding down the fort) came to pick me up at work so I could sneak a peek ... I just couldn't wait!

  4. My husband has been in the process of remodeling my kitchen (it was a total gut job!) and it's so very nice to have a new space! How exciting to have new counter tops! :)
    Great menu! It sounds delicious! :)

  5. You're in the home stretch of the kitchen being done. I know you're excited!!!
    When we redid ours this spring I was ready for it to be done when it first started.
    I'm impressed you've continued to do some good cooking through your whole remodel too!
    That ravioli looks so good!

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