Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Real Life

Since I haven't been able to post many recipes lately because, well . . .we're keeping things sweet and simple with the kitchen remodel, I thought I'd show you a small glimpse inside what life looks like when your mid-renovation. 

Here's what Casa Atwood is lookin like these days . . . this is real life, people.

This is our living room, turned temporary dining room. You'll notice our china hutch in the living room, and an extra folding table . . .that's where I dry my dishes these days. :)

You can't see it in the photo, but on the love seat we have several fine cardboard boxes that house our silverware and utensils.

This is what my kitchen looks like most nights from 5:30-10 PM. My two favorite men hard at work! I just love those two.

This is our guest bedroom. The bed is in there, I promise. Squint really hard and you might be able to see it. All those fine cardboard boxes house everything from spices, to plastic ware to snacks, etc. It's basically my entire kitchen in cardboard boxes.

And that's the floor of our guest bedroom. There is a floor under there...I think you can see it next to the green sponge and the white square plates. The floor is where I've been putting all my breakables. Probably not the best place for them, but I didn't dare put them in our dungeon of a basement.

This is Nathan's office. It houses our ironing board, new kitchen window, and area rugs. Other than that, this room hasn't reached total disaster. Yet.

This is our bathroom. The only clean room right now. 

Thankfully, I promised myself in the beginning of this whole thing that I wouldn't get all OCD when the house started turning upside down. The last thing my man wants when he's working tirelessly on building me a new kitchen is my nagging about the dust, chaos, or footprints throughout the house. There have been moments where I've wanted to cry if I had to hand wash one. more. dish. but I just keep thinking about final product and then I give myself a little talkin' to over being so silly.


  1. Yay for keeping it real! And I think your house looks awesome for being in the midst of a kitchen reno! =)

  2. wow rachel, you are doing a total renovation! i am so excited- i know the final product will be amazing!

    love seeing a glimpse into your lives!


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