Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Favorite Cinco De Mayo Recipes

It's no secret that me and my man love us some Mexican food! Today I thought I'd break out all of our favorites in case you're searching for some quick, easy, and yummy Mexican dishes to serve in your casa in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. These are our top 8 (I couldn't come up with 10!) favorite Mexican recipes:

{Enchilada Casserole ~ Nathan's Favorite!}

{Yet another recipe for Chicken Enchiladas}

And if you're looking for some easy Crock Pot Mexican recipes, these are some of our most favorite:

And last, but not least, our favorite Mexican-inspired soup:

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!


  1. YUM! we love mexican food as well! already enjoyed the enchilada casserole recipe, look forward to trying some of these...especially the slow cooker ones! thank you for sharing!
    feliz cinco de mayo!

  2. you have so many great cinco de mayo recipes! if i wasnt hitting a patio after work, i would definitely make one of these dishes...


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