Monday, May 23, 2011

Marital Monday + May 23 Menu Plan

Since I've been reading through One Thousand Gifts, I've really been challenged to slow down. Most days around here are just pure craziness, and I'm sure you can testify to that in your own home as well. If we're not working on house projects, then we're doing something in the yard or running back and forth to the store. It just seems like life has been getting away from us lately, so we've both decided to try and find ways to simplify.

We started this last week with one small thing . . .

It was a rainy, cold night. We came home from work. I threw a casserole in the oven. I boiled some water. And we had tea. We sat down while dinner cooked, cuddled under our cozy blanket on the couch, sipped tea and had conversation with each other. The TV was off, the phones were silent, the computer was in "sleep" mode and we just sat and chatted . . .about our day, our weekend, our dreams. And 30 minutes later we had dinner together. It was such a nice break from our normal "routine" and one that we hope to keep up in the coming weeks/months. 

It's amazing what 30 minutes of tea sipping and chatting can do to refresh your marriage. :)

Here's what's on our menu this week!

Monday -- Breakfast Burrito Quesadillas (this is the 3rd week these have been on our menu because we haven't been able to try them yet. Tonight, I'm determined!)

Tuesday -- Garden Veggie Linguine w. Cilantro Pesto {meat-free} {new}

Wednesday -- Grilled Pizza! {new}

Thursday -- Leftover Night

Friday -- Southwestern Chicken Salads {new}

Saturday -- Burgers from the Grill

If you need more menu plan ideas, don't forget to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie! Lots of great menu plans are posted each week for Menu Plan Monday.

Have a blessed Monday,


  1. I'm sipping a cup of tea as I'm reading your blog! What a great way to "decompress" at the end of the day! Sounds like this could become a good habit.

  2. I love the tea idea!! What a precious time together.

    Glad you're going to try grilling pizza -- you won't ever go back, especially with how much your husband likes to grill! The key... keep the heat turned down low when you're melting the cheese so that the bottom of the crust doesn't burn!

  3. I'm excited about Tuesday's meal! Sounds tasty!

    I also think the tea idea is so awesome. That is a great idea and so good for you two I'm sure. My in-laws do something similar. My MIL stays home and every day when my FIL gets home from work, they have coffee together and talk about their days or whatever is on their mind. They do this on the back porch or in the living room -- wherever. It's so inspiring to me to see this from them. =)


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