Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today I’m linking up with Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers
for what she calls “Gratituesday.”

If you’re grateful for something, then head on over and link up today!

This week, I’m grateful that:

  • Although we’ve been getting lots and lots of rain lately, I’m thankful that we haven’t been touched by any of the extreme weather that many all over the country and world have been experiencing. My heart goes out to those who are dealing with flood/tornado/tsunami aftermath.
  • I’ve heard of and talked to several people lately who are without work and I wish with everything in me that things could be different for them. I am thankful that Nathan and I both have jobs and are able to pay our bills, school debt, and still have some leftover for food and entertainment. I know just being able to pay bills on time is a luxury for some, so for today I’m choosing to be thankful for this.
  • For the past few weeks God has been opening my eyes to a truth: I need to slow down. I’m slowly but surely working on this! I’m thankful that no matter how old I may get, there are always teaching moments! :)
  • And last, but certainly not least, I’m so thankful for my husband. We were just reflecting last week on our (almost two) years of marriage and we both noted and agreed that marriage definitely gets sweeter as the years go by. I know we’re still considered “newlyweds” but I can say with absolute certainty that I love Nathan more today than I did the day I married him. I am so grateful for the Godly, serving, funny, wise, unique person that he is!


  1. I feel the same way, my heart goes out to those without jobs as well. It definitely is a blessing to be able to pay bills on time. I also feel like I need to slow down, but that is so hard for me, haha!

    I'm glad that you and Nathan are so happy! I pray your marriage continues to get sweeter. =)


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