Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap + April 25 Menu Plan

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter weekend. Nathan and I celebrated by going to the Good Friday service at our church Friday night. It was such a treat. Good Friday sort of puts me in a solemn state, but by yesterday morning I was about ready to burst out of my seat at church. The excitement of the worship, the Spirit and the message were just about more than I could handle. And then I got home and saw this video posted by a friend on Twitter and I was having church all over again in my little ole' home office. I hope you got to spend some time this weekend reflecting on the greatness of God and just how much He loves you. I know I did, and boy was I overwhelmed!

We snagged a little Easter photo yesterday when we got home . . . 

In other news, this weekend my two favorite men did something special for me. They drove about 45 minutes with a U-Haul to pick up my new kitchen cabinets. 

Our garage looks like this now . . . 

And I couldn't be happier! This week, we hope to go pick out tile so that Nathan and my dad can start on the flooring soon. For the record, this means we now have about 234,567 house projects going on at once. We're hoping to finish up when we're old enough to retire. :)

We missed being with our southern families this weekend (holidays always get us a little homesick), but we did enjoy celebrating Easter with my parents. My mom cooked a feast big enough to feed all of you . . . and your extended families, so we'll be eating leftovers until we've cleaned out the refrigerator. 

Here's what we're serving up this week (I've added in lunches this week too since we have so many leftovers to eat!).

Monday -- Dinner w/ our small group

Tuesday -- I have dinner plans with friends, so Nathan will eat Easter leftovers.

Wednesday -- Tortellini Soup w/ Side Salads

Thursday -- Ham & Broccoli Shells 

Friday -- Crockpot BBQ Meatballs (leftover from Easter) with Rice and Veggies

Saturday -- Teriyaki Fried Rice (if we're done eating the leftovers by Saturday)

Lunches: Baked Potatoes & Salad; Squash Casserole; Ham Sandwiches

If you need more menu plan ideas, don't forget to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie -- lots of great menu plans are posted each week!

Have a blessed Monday!!


  1. I'm glad you guys had such a good Easter! I wanted to let you know that I made the Loaded Potatoes and the Broccoli Cornbread you had posted and everybody loved them! Thanks for the awesome recipes. =]

  2. Happy Easter, dear friend!! Thanks for sharing that video -- very cool to see God's people celebrating His gift to us.

    I'm excited for your newest house project... yea for the cabinets :)

  3. Love your Easter pic! :)

    Congratulations on your new cabinets! I know you are excitied! :)

  4. How cool!! You're going to have a whole new house if you keep this up.


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