Friday, March 4, 2011

Trim Update

Last week, I showed you my latest undertaking: "Project Paint All the Trim in the Entire House White (along with the doors, frames, and windows)."  It's  been quite the task, but I was so excited to get the hallway finished last week that I just had to show you the before and after photos.

Here's the dark and wood-filled before . . . 

And here's the lighter, brighter, almost all-white after
Of course, it'll be an even bigger "after" when we paint those doors, but we're still waiting for warmer weather before we rip those puppies off the hinges -- we plan on doing all the doors in the garage/driveway.

This week, I've been battling a head cold, so Dr. Nathan has ordered me lots of rest and no work.  I'm hoping by the weekend though I can be back up and painting more trim -- I'm tackling the Kitchen and Living Room next!

Wish me luck!


  1. Sorry you're feeling bad ---forget the painting and rest. BTW, they look great!

  2. wow! what a difference! you are doing a great job!
    I hope you are feeling better!


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