Wednesday, March 2, 2011

National Nutrition Month: Eating Right With Color

March is National Nutrition Month, hosted by the American Dietetic Association, and this year's theme is "Eating Right With Color." During the month of March, I'll be blogging weekly posts on how the Atwood casa tries to eat right using healthy, colorful foods. If you're a food blogger and want to join in the fun, head on over to for more information.

Since I'm the cook in our kitchen, and I have a (somewhat) picky eater for a husband, eating right with color has been a challenge. Nathan's ideal meal when we first got married was a meat and 3 starches, so I had to figure out creative ways to make healthy foods taste good so that he would enjoy eating them. This proved to be quite the task, but one that I have found extremely fun and rewarding!

I love finding new ways to "sneak" broccoli, spinach, corn, asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini and more into our meals. 

So what strategy do I use to "eat right with color?" The first thing that helps is to identify the following:

  • What healthy foods your family will eat
  • What healthy foods your family is willing to "try"
  • And what healthy foods your family detests
For instance, I know Nathan likes celery, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes (only if they're cooked), carrots and corn. I also knew when we got married that he was willing to "try" some new veggies -- we experimented with asparagus, and he loved it! And then, there are those veggies that my man just will not budge on -- i.e., bell peppers and mushrooms.

Once I identified the healthy foods my picky eater loved, it made it very easy for me to throw them into recipes to give the dish a little more "oomph" and to give my man a little more nutrition. For example, I'm constantly throwing celery and spinach into our soups, stews or casseroles. On the flip side, when I knew what foods Nathan was willing to try, I got creative and tossed them into recipes to see how he would respond. More times than not, the new veggies and fruits I try out on Nathan are a big hit!

So what's your strategy for cooking healthy, tasty meals for your family? Do you have picky eaters in your household too? Are you linking up for National Nutrition Month? I'd love to hear!

Stay tuned throughout the month of March for some of the healthy, colorful recipes we're enjoying. Until then, I'll leave you with a few of our most "colorful" favorites!


  1. You are a good and wise young wife! Do you know that you can cook and puree veggies and sneak them into everyday recipes for added nutrition? I sometimes sneak veggies into hamburger, soup, muffins etc.
    Good for you~ keep your sweet Nathan healthy!
    xo Aunie Yvonne

  2. all of those look amazing!

    way to be healthy!

  3. Rachel I didn't even know there was an I'm on my way to check it out. Thanks!


  4. Yummy! I love vegetables~ I used to puree red beans and put them in chili to make it thicker. I also would puree other vegetables for soups and they never knew!

  5. yea -- colorful foods!! I'm working on more colors too :)


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