Monday, March 28, 2011

Marital Monday + March 28 Menu Plan

Last week, hubby and I had just finished our Creamy Taco Mac and we got on the topic of food (it seems to be one of the most-talked about subjects in our casa). I asked him what his favorite dishes were that I fixed (what can I say? I was fishing for compliments), and he answers . . .

“I really like your tacos, and those Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes you make.”

My response: “You do know those come out of a box, right?”

His response: “I don’t care if it’s out of a box, a bag or a balloon . . .I’ll eat it!”

I love my man’s honesty, and his easy-to-please palate.

I glanced at my Bon Appétit magazine later that night, and realized I’d be using it purely for my reading pleasure alone. (*grin*)

Last week, we didn't do so well sticking to our menu plan so this week I'm rolling over a dish or two -- one of the many reasons why I love planning our menu out every week!

Also -- this week, you'll see a new feature on our menu called "No Meat Night."  I read about this in a recent health magazine, and they recommended cutting meat out of your meals at least once a week to a) save money on your grocery bill and b) to try and sneak in more veggies into your diet. Since it's warming up here and veggies are becoming more in season, the hubs and I decided to give this idea a try!

Do you and your family go meat-free during the week? I'd love to hear!

Here's what we'll be serving up this week . . . 

Monday-- Smörgåsbord Night! We have some Paula Deen Taco Soup that my mom gave us, and some leftover steak for burritos . . . we'll just each have whatever tickles our fancy!

Tuesday -- No meat night! Low-Cal Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Steamed Broccoli {new from my Food Network magazine}

Thursday -- Leftover Night

Friday -- Chicken and Veggie Saute {new from my BHG magazine}
Saturday -- Slow Cooker Chile Chicken Tacos {roll-over from last week}

If you need more menu planning ideas, don't forget to head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie -- lots of great menu plans are posted each week for Menu Planning Monday!

Have a great Monday!!


  1. I love the no-meat night!! Typically we have 1-2 nights/week that are meat free, but for meat & potato eaters like your hubby, I'm sure this will be a fun and exciting challenge :)

  2. i have been thinking about trying to do weekly menu planning- do you have a hard time sticking with it?

  3. Haha, unless Eric makes himself some meat, they are all no-meat nights. I really should start posting my meal plans. Then I have the accountability of actually sticking to the schedule, lol! Normally, I'll plan something for one day and then the day gets there and I'm like, yeah... I'll just make this instead....

  4. Dear sweet Rachel,
    I just think your conversation with Nathan was adorable! ANd if you are like me, I read cookbooks and mags like a romance novel!!!! I am always ooooooohing and aaaaaaahing. And dreaming of making everyting!

    Your Snow White Italian wedding soup sounds adorable (sorry, same synonym as above but you and it just are!)
    Have a blessed week and give my best to that box lovin' guy!
    I ALWAYS leave your blog with the biggest smile!
    xo Auntie Yvonne

  5. Glad he's easy to please HA You two make me smile! Thanks!

    I love the meatless meals - we used to have them when the kids were growing up - Nathan didn't always like them then. HA

  6. @Claire -- Depending on the week, we have some difficulty. If it's a busier week, or we make plans at the last minute, we might have to rearrange some stuff, but it ALWAYS helps me to have the menu planned out, and all the ingredients right on hand.

    @Yvonne -- I love your sweet comments!!! :) You're the best.


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