Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I'm linking up with Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers for what she calls Gratituesday -- if you're grateful for something today, then head on over and link up!
This week, I'm grateful that:
  • My work celebrated its largest fundraiser of the year on Friday night, and it was a huge success! Everything went well and there were no major hiccups. I'm grateful that the planning is over and the event went well -- now we can move on to our next fundraiser!
  • Since Friday night was so busy for hubby and I, we unofficially declared Saturday a "lazy day" -- we slept late, watched movies, finished our grocery shopping and stayed in our pj's the majority of the day. It was great! I think the only manual labor we did all day was pick up the many sticks in our yard.
  • Our church is really big on "themes" and for the past several weeks, our pastor has been preaching on the theme "A Vision for Everyone." It has been especially timely and exciting, and has made me feel more equipped and confident to share my faith story with those around me. I'm praying that God will give me more opportunities and that I'll be obedient to walk in them.

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  1. Great post! Glad things are going so well at work and that your fundraiser went well. =] I looove lazy days. I haven't had too many lately, but I think I'll try to this weekend. Haha.


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