Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I’m linking up with Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers today for what she calls Gratituesday. If you’re grateful for something, then head on over and link up!

This week, I’m grateful that:
  •  Saturday, I got to attend a baby shower for a sweet friend. Since we weren't able to host the shower before mommy had the baby, we decided to host it after the baby was born. She is now 3 months old, and we had the best time showering her with the cutest clothes, toys and blankets and ooo’ing and ahhh’ing over her tininess! Are baby toes, fingers and lips not the most precious thing ever?!?
  • The sun has been shining!! I love all the sunshine and fresh air we've been getting lately, and I’m really enjoying driving home from work in the daylight!
  • Nathan and I finalized and booked our Anniversary trip! We were originally planning to go to Ocean City, MD, but after looking at the prices we decided for the amount of money we would spend to rent a place, we could actually travel all the way to our honeymoon country of Mexico! This time around we’ll be staying in a quieter section located in the Riviera Maya – Puerto Morelos – and I can’t wait! Planning this trip has definitely made winter much more bearable.
  • Last week we received word that Nathan’s older brother is engaged! We are so happy for him and his new fiancé, and are excited that we may get to see our southern family one more time this year!
  • This weekend, I got to spend some extra time sleeping in. I definitely slept until 10 AM one morning, and I probably haven’t done that since my college days. It felt so good! My head cold is gone, and I am feeling much better.
  • Speaking of sleep, Nathan and I have also made a new goal to get in bed earlier at night. We’re aiming for 10 PM, and I have to say, since we've been doing this I feel much more rested and energized during the day!

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  1. yea for 10pm bedtime!! That's ours too :)

    Such a good week of wonderful blessings!


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