Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: The Waiting Game

I was bursting at the seams all week to tell y’all about my “surprise” from over the weekend.  It may seem small, and some may think it has nothing to do with divine intervention at all, but I’m of the thinking that God placed this little surprise in my way on a day when I needed to feel some extra love from Him. And boy did I feel loved! 

To give you the back story . . .

For roughly the past 8-10 months I’ve been looking for a cute little wicker chair that will go perfectly in a corner in our bedroom.  I’d like a place to read in the morning in our cozy room without disturbing my man’s sleep, and I thought a cute chair would be just the ticket. 

When I tell you I’ve searched high and low, I mean it.  I’ve looked at several Goodwill’s, yard sales, Craigslist, etc.  Then Nathan’s mom mentioned to me that she had a wicker chair that she wasn’t using.  The only problem?  She lives in Tennessee, and we live in Upstate New York.  Shipping = $$$ 

Oh, and I should mention that I found tons of really cute wicker chairs that I loved, but they were over $20, and being the frugal type that my man has made me, I was not about to pay $20 for a used chair!  After all these months of searching, I was still confident that there was a wicker chair to be found for less than $20.  Can we say stubborn determined? 

So, this past Sunday, me and my mom did our regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon date—we headed to Goodwill and Starbucks.  And don’t you know the minute I walked into our Goodwill I spotted two wicker chairs in the aisle.  It was almost like one of those scenes from a movie . . . the chairs were beaming with light and angelic music played above (OK, not really.  That’s just how it played out in my head). 

You would have thought that wicker chairs were like the next big thing if you saw how fast I sprinted, plopped down in them, approved their durability and price and snagged them up.  I even chased down the Goodwill cashier and asked her to keep a special eye on them for me while I finished my shopping.  You know, because there are soo many other people out there looking for wicker chairs for their master bedrooms.  I even proceeded to tell the cashier the whole story about how long I’d been looking for these chairs and how much they meant to me.  She could have probably cared less, but she sweetly nodded and smiled and it made me feel so good.  I love her for that.

Oh, and did I mention that each chair was $5.99?!?!  Y’all!!  I could squeal right now just typing this.  That means that I paid $12 for two wicker chairs.  Now you may be wondering why I got two when I only needed one.  I really can’t answer that.  I think I just got so excited that they were so cheap and so cute that I wasn’t about to pass up the deal. 

And I can’t believe I’ve been typing this long and haven’t showed you a single photo!

This is the taller of the two chairs that’s now in our master bedroom.

 And this is the shorter and wider chair that now sits in our living room. 

 I kind of like it in this room because it gives us extra seating and it’s light enough to pick up and take outside during the summer months if we need more seating on the deck. 

Both chairs need cushions—the ones that came with them were really flat and dated, so I left those behind at the GW.  I’m hoping my seamstress of a mama can whip me some up if I ask nicely. :)  Of course, I’ll show you the updated look once I get it in place.

So why do I share this all with you?  Well, I was elated and thought you might be too.  But most importantly, this just shows that waiting for the right price and right item is sometimes hard, but if you’re diligent, it definitely pays off in the end.  I’ve waited 8-10 months for these babies, but I did indeed find them for less than $20, and they are exactly what I was looking for.  I totally could have gone to some furniture store and satisfied my instant gratification by walking out with a brand new $200 wicker chair, but I chose to wait and search out my options.  And I’m so glad I did!

So what about y’all?  Any other good bargain stories you want to share?  Do you like to wait and find the best deal, or are you a snag-it-when-you-see-it type person?  I’d love to hear!


  1. Got to love a great deal!
    I have been shopping at Aldi grocery and split our grocery bill in half - Love it!

  2. I couldn't be happier - I believe these are gifts from God and He is so good. He loves to give good gifts. SO happy for you - love that Goodwill!!

  3. That is awesome!! What a blessing -- and a little love note from God.


    And, they look wonderful in your space.

  4. Lol Rachel! I can just see you sprinting for these adorable chairs. I am so happy you found them.


  5. So excited for you! That's a great feeling when you finally find the thing you want for a good deal!

  6. Good for you! It looks great!

  7. I have to say, I was not thinking the surprise was a chair; but this post was so cute - the chairs look great and what a deal! I finally found an A-frame shelf to go between the dining room and kitchen - they are very $$$ at Pottery Barn and such. I am not quite the hunter like you, so with a $30 giftcard to Kohl's for Christmas, we paid $30 total, but it was about $200 cheaper than the rest! (Sad to say it's still in it's box) Pics soon, though!

  8. Congrats Rachel! Your patience and hard work paid off in a super cute way! (Maybe it is a southern thing but my family is pretty obsessed with wicker! ha!)
    And is it not the greatest to have a Mom who can sew? I really don't know what I would have done all these years without Mom's help in the sewing department!
    have a great weekend!


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