Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pardon Our Progress

The Atwood Casa is in the process of getting quite the little face lift! Just this week, we started project "Paint all the trim in the entire house white." My original goal was to have it all painted by the end of March--giving us a two month window of time. Phew! Now I'm realizing how quite ambitious that goal was. 

Since our house is circa 1950's, it's full of synthetic wood colored trim and dark wood colored doors/closets and door frames. It makes our little ranch look even smaller, so we decided after much deliberation that we would start room-by-room and paint all the trim (and doors. closets and door frames) a clean, crisp white. 

Nathan and I also decided that this project would be all mine. You see, we've been married long enough now to know our strengths and weaknesses. Nathan's strength is painting walls/ceilings, my strength is painting trim. You can just take a look at our bathroom walls and realize how pathetic I am at painting an entire wall. Lets just say that project ended in tears.

I did quite a bit of thinking/planning before I dove right into this project. I knew this would make our house look completely different, so I chose to tread carefully. But now that I'm started, I'm like a trim painting feen that just can't stop!

But before I get ahead of myself, let me explain how I went about this.

I went to Lowe's and did the shopping . . .

This stuff is cheaper than Kilz, and has proved to work just as well, so we swiped this up for our primer. It was $12.99/gallon as opposed to the $18-$30 Kilz.

Then we asked the kind folks at Lowe's to whip us up some paint.  
We went with a semi-gloss white. According to the nice girl at Lowe's, you want your trim to be glossy, so glossy it was!

I only got one gallon of each, because I wasn't sure how much I would eventually need.  So far, I've managed to paint 1 room and the entire hallway and I haven't even put a dent in the can! I'm hoping I can get away with only having to buy 1 more gallon of each after it's all said and done.

Then I swiped this little guy up for $6 too. It was worth every penny! The key to good trim work is a good brush, and this puppy rocks! It has a teeny tiny handle, which is perfect for not getting in your way and the angle of the brush works wonderfully on the trim. 

Luckily, we already had sandpaper from our last painting project, so I didn't need to buy any of that.  And, since the Bulls Eye primer is working so well, I haven't even needed to sand that much, which has been a huge time saver.

First I started off by taping off the top of the trim with blue painters tape. I didn't end up taping off the bottom because my new handy dandy brush does wonders, and I was able to angle it just right and not get any drippies on the floor below.

Here's a before of our dining room, with the synthetic wood colored trim, just so you get an idea of what we're dealing with here.

And here it is up close and personal with the painted trim to the left

And the room after all the trim (and the door frame around the sliding door) was painted glossy white

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the white really makes our walls look more green, which I love! It also makes the room look cleaner, even though there is some definite clutter going on in our dining room right now. :)

Last night, I started on the hallway and I can't wait to show y'all the after's!  We'll probably see the biggest difference in that part of the house because we have so many dark doors down the hall.  I'm trying to wait until it gets a little warmer before I take the doors off the hinges and start painting those, because I'll need to do them in garage and it's about -25 degrees in there right now.  

Oh, and here's one last before and after just so you can see the difference side by side:

So what about y'all?  Any house projects you're tackling this winter? What about any spring projects? Is it just me, or are you sooo ready to start playing around in the dirt again?!? I can't wait to break out my gardening gloves and start tackling weeds!


  1. Oh, Rachel! Bless you! Painting is no fun and painting trim is even less fun BUT the good news is that it is looking fantastic! A freshly painted, crisp white trim does a lot for a room, doesn't it? Great job! I hope the time and the painting goes by fast for you!
    I hope you have had a great week!

  2. I love this, Rachel. Oh... now, you're making me want to do the same in our place.

  3. I love it! It really makes a difference!

  4. Love the white trim!! =] It looks fabulous

  5. Love the trim - looks so fresh and clean! I'm anxious to get started on painting the downstairs - ambitious project, but so needed! Want to come help????

  6. Beautiful - white trim makes the wall color pop. Good job!

  7. We have the same type of trim in our home.. What did you do with the door trim? Did you paint to it and stop? Did you paint the door too? I'm having trouble picture the white base trim then a wood colored door and trim.

  8. @LoveTimesThree - I actually just did an update on the trim today ( painted all the trim, door trim and doors white as well using this same method. Hope this helps!


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