Monday, February 7, 2011

Marital Monday + Week of Feb 7 Menu Plan

One of the things I love most about married life is being able to try new things together.  Since being married, Nathan and I have experienced a lot of "firsts" . . . the first time we built a veggie garden together, the first time we went cross country skiing together, the first time we had chipmunks in our attic, and many many more!  Doing life together is just so much fun, and I wouldn't trade any of these "firsts" for a single second.  

This weekend, we added another thing to  our firsts list . . . we tried snowshoeing.  One of the nearby Indian historic spots hosted a family and fun day with dog sledding, snowshoeing, games, bonfires, and more and Nathan and I decided to embrace the winter and do something outdoors.  We had a blast!  

Here are a few pictures from our fun day . . . 

Nathan opted for the  more "modern" snowshoes.  
His were made of plastic and very narrow . . .making it way less difficult to walk in.

I decided to be more traditional and walk around in these honkin' wicker ones.  It was quite the workout!  

Here's the trail head where we started . . . 

Nathan proved to be the snowshoeing pro

We ventured inside this Indian house.  It basically looked like makeshift bunk beds, with a big bonfire in the middle.

And a bystander was kind enough to take our photo together.  I sort of look like Nathan's 12-year-old daughter in this photo, but he's standing on a little snow pile so it appears he's way taller. ;)

We're so glad we go to try this new winter activity together.  We're even hoping to score some cheap snowshoes at a yard sale/Craigslist this summer so we can do  more next year!

This week, we're excited to try some new dishes, and enjoy some good favorites.  We've got some veggies to eat up, so we're planning for some stews/soups to finish those off.  Nathan isn't closing at all this week, so we're also looking forward to eating dinner together every single night! 

Monday: Leftover Lucy's Chili (made with turkey)

Tuesday:  SnoWhite's Stuffed Shells w/ Veggies

Wednesday: Leftover Night

Thursday: Pork Stew {new}

Friday: Hearty Potato Soup w/ Cheesy Breadsticks {new}

Saturday: Valentines Date (we're celebrating early, but we're not quite sure what we're doing yet . . . I might be making a big meal, or we may go out, so this night is TBD)

If you need more menu plan ideas, don't forget to check our Laura's Blog at I'm an Organizing Junkie--lots of great menu ideas are posted each week for Menu Plan Monday!

Have a blessed Monday!


  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! That is too cool =] I doubt I'll ever see enough snow again here to be able to do that! haha!

  2. That's looks so fun/tiring! You're a real pioneer woman in those authentic snowshoes. You both are so adventurous.

  3. looks cold, but lots of fun!

    i am in NEED of some cheesy breadsticks!

  4. Yummy week!! I love snowshoeing!! I used to work at a nature center where we lead classes and taught about the history of snowshoeing. Glad you had a chance to check it out.

    By the way -- I addressed a package today to someone living in the town of "Atwood". Made me think of you :)

  5. @claire, I'll have to let you know how they turn out. I don't have a recipe, I was just inspired by a local restaurant, so it could be disastrous! :)

    @theultimate -- here's hoping you get more snow, friend!!


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