Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Post-Christmas Shopping

Today for Thrifty Thursday, I thought I’d take a minute to show you some post-Christmas deals we’ve been snagging.  Lots of stores in this area still have aisles of Christmas merchandise that is slowly being marked down, so we’ve been enjoying these great deals!

If you’re like me, you probably think of post-Christmas shopping as buying ornaments, lights or gifts for next year.  However, being married to the Mr. (Genius) Frugal that I am, he’s made me see that post-Christmas sales don’t necessarily have to be things that you use only at Christmastime. 

Take for instance these rolls of wrapping paper that were marked 75%-off . . .

You’ll notice these aren’t strictly Christmas-themed papers, but more generic that could also be used for a birthday, anniversary, Valentines, or any other special occasion.  I snagged these for $.25/each and now when I need to wrap a gift, I don’t have to run out and pay full price for paper!

Since we found such a good deal, we have quite a bit of wrapping paper stocked up, so I organized these in a long narrow plastic bin that fits perfectly under our guest bed, making it easy to reach!

Another thing that’s great to purchase post-Christmas is food!  Just this past weekend, I snagged these “holiday” organic tortilla chips for $.25!

The expiration date isn’t until April of this year, and hubby and I enjoy eating these with salsa when we have Mexican food.  Regular tortilla chips can run you upwards of $4/bag, so this is a great deal! 

Post-Christmas sales are also a great time to stock up on your favorite everyday items.  For example, I recently developed a love for Faith Hill’s perfume (it smells like magnolias and makes me feel like a southern belle when I wear it).  WalMart had these Faith Hill gift sets marked down 75%-off the last time I went, making this $3.50!  Great deal on something I wear every day, so I swiped this up.

And last but not least, post-Christmas sales really are wonderful for Christmas items! 

This year, we were bummed to find that all of our outside icicle lights stopped working because of our ice dam situation.  We decided to wait until 75%-off sales and try to see if we could find some more.  And we did!  Target had an abundance of these babies left over, so I managed to get them for $1.54/box! Sweeeet.

The key to post-Christmas shopping is to wait until everything goes 75%-off (patience is a virtue).  However, there have been times when we’ve had to buy stuff at 50%-off or even full price because we know the item is a hot one, and won’t stay on the shelves until 75%-off days.  Just use your discretion and have fun with it!

Are any of you finding any really good post-Christmas sales? Are you shopping for next Christmas already? Do tell!


  1. I do have a Christmas bargain story, but it would take too loong to tell it here. I got leftover kids' stocking stuffers (frisbees, puzzles, pencils, etc) at Walmart for 10 cents a pack. (Most packs started out at $1 and $2)

    These will be great for making the shoeboxes for Samaritan's purse. I'm going to have make a lot more as I got 1555 packages. HA (That's the long story)

  2. I scored star-shaped marshmallows for 10 cents a bag this past week (90% off!!). Unfortunately, I missed all the other good sales/clearance. No wrapping paper for us :(

  3. I was slightly disappointed in my after-Christmas looking. We did get cute gift tags for next year, but I waited too long for the beads for the tree. Both Wegmans and Kohl's sold out of the two I was between. My Grandma always said, if you think about it, get it before it's gone, of course she was right. We are still on the hunt for next year's paper since last year we got a great deal for what we used this year. Just have to really hunt for those deals!

  4. @Chelsea--we looked EVERYWHERE for beads for my mom's tree and they were gone. We even went the day after to score them at 50% off and had no luck. They must have went before the sales! Hope you have better luck next year!


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