Monday, December 27, 2010

You know you've had a busy week when . . .

 . . . you and your husband are leaving notes for each other in passing.

Last week, mine and the Hub's schedules were just missing each other.  I came home one night to find one of his shirts draped over the chair with this note attached . . . 

 I'll do anything for my man as long as he keeps drawing those cute lopsided hearts. :)

Due to our busy lazy weekend, I'm not posting a menu this week.  We've got a fridge full of leftovers to eat, so it would be a rather boring menu plan anyway.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful and safe Christmas weekend!


  1. Funny! Better than be woken up at 4:45 am and asked! : D

  2. Haha! That is funny! Here's hoping your schedules settle down so you can actually spend some time together.


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