Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm linking up with Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers for what she calls Gratituesday.  If you're grateful, head on over and and link up!

This week, I'm grateful that . . . 
  1. Nathan and I have officially hired Home Depot to do our insulation!  Our ice dams have been pretty ridiculous this year, and we knew this big project needed to be done soon.  We're hoping this not only keeps our house nice and cozy, but that it also saves us some money on our gas bill each month.  (I'll write more about this project after it's done...)
  2. Me and my parents got to spend some much-needed time together this weekend.  Friday night, we went to a jazz cafe event at mine and Nathan's church, and then Saturday morning me and my mom went to breakfast before doing the last bit of our Christmas shopping.
  3. I started my new job, and love it!
  4. Last week, Nathan and I got to cook together.  This rarely happens because I'm somewhat of a kitchen snob and like to be in there alone, but this particular night I invited him in and we had the best time cooking together! :)
  5. I'm grateful for good books.  I just finished reading a book called Divine by Karen Kingsbury.  I couldn't put it down!  It's a modern-day parable of Mary Magdalene that tells of God's redemption and grace.  A perfect book to read heading into the Christmas season!
  6. I'm grateful for whoever invented Christmas lights.  Although half of our outside lights are broken right now because of the ice dams, they are still so pretty to look at! (Although our neighbors probably think we look like rednecks.)  I love pulling up at night when everything's all lit up.  It definitely makes things look and feel like Christmas!
  7. And last, but not least . . . I'm grateful that many years ago, God freely gave the best gift He had to give - Jesus. 


  1. Lovely list, friend.

    I love Karen's books too -- have you ever read anything by Robyn Jones Gunn?

  2. Love your list of gratitude. Now I need to add that book to my christmas list.

    And you know I am from texas when I don't know what a Ice Dam is? LOL

  3. Great list!! =] I especially love number 7.

  4. @Jenna...HA! I had no idea what they were before moving to NY either! :)


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