Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today I'm linking up with Heavenly Homemakers for Gratituesday.  I forgot to link up last week because I had so many Christmas decor posts I wanted to share with you.  This week, I have extra things to list because I'm 1 week behind! :)  

If you're grateful, feel free to hop on over to Laura's blog and link up there!

This week, I'm grateful that:
  • Sunday I got to spend some much-needed quiet time just sitting still.  I journaled and prayed and then just sat.  Quieting my spirit is something I need often, and I am so thankful when I get these opportunities.
  • I have all of my Christmas shopping done!  I have a few more items for Nathan's stocking that I need to pick up, but other than that, I'm all set for Christmas.
  • Me, Nathan and my parents got to cut down our trees for the 2nd Christmas in a row.  This tradition that we share with them is fairly new, but it has been so special to go out as a family and cut our Christmas trees down.
  • Snow!  This weekend it snowed quite a bit, and I didn't have to drive in it (the best part!)  I got to enjoy the snow from inside our cozy, warm house.  There's something so beautiful about the first snow.
  • Auburn won the SEC Championship!!!!!  Saturday night after we cut down our tree, we got to come home and see our Auburn Tigers beat South Carolina and WIN the SEC Championship!  They are headed to the National Championship game. My Alabama friends and family will probably leave me hate mail for this one, but that's OK . . . WAR EAGLE, Y'ALL! ;)
  • Although we won't be with Nathan's family on Christmas, I am thankful to have our travel plans all set to fly down and see them in January!  We're so excited to see them and spend a belated Christmas with them.
  • A self-cleaning stove.  This may seem silly, but I am really thankful that my stove cleans itself with the touch of a button.  I got to run the cleaning cycle on my stove Sunday, and not only did I not have to lift a finger, but it also made our house extra-warm!  
  • I'm grateful for the true meaning of Christmas.  That God sent His son to save the world.  Sometimes I get so busy during December with the hustle and bustle, but I'm thankful for the reminders to slow down and remember what Christmas is all about.


  1. So much to be thankful for! :) God is so good!

    My brother is a Gamecock fan, so he was not happy.

    The true meaning of CHRISTmas is so lost in today's day that I pray that some of us Christians will make a stand and shine Jesus light. :)

  2. Amen on the true meaning of CHRISTmas! There is so much that distracts us from this while we should be only focusing on HIM.


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