Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Easy DIY Art

Today for Thrifty Thursday, I’m revealing the easy DIY artwork that I whipped up for our Master Bedroom transformation project (to see the new look, click here).  The best part about this project? It cost me $1.44.

In one part of our room, I have a console table that serves as a place to hold our yard sale CD player that we snagged for such a great deal, and some other decorative elements.  Above the table hang some floral prints that Nathan snagged during our competitive yard sale game.  Here’s the way it was looking (without the CD player):

It was OK, and definitely could have stayed, but with the new lighter, brighter duvet and curtains, I just felt like that artwork above the table needed a facelift. 

Back when I went to Alabama, a friend and me went yard saling and snagged 8 cute little white frames for free.  We divvyed them up and each took home 4.  I had no idea what I would use mine for, but I figured I would eventually find a spot for them.  Indeed, I did. 

Since the duvet and curtain switcheroo, I thought I’d try hanging the white frames above the table to lighten up that side of the room.  The only problem was that I had no idea what to put in them.  I scoured Michaels and eventually came upon some scrapbooking paper that looked like a perfect match.  I cut out three different squares from each piece of paper and taped them inside the frame.

Here they are up close:

I was a little worried at first because the last square was a bit more pastel green than I needed it to be, but once I hung them all together it kind of just worked.

You may notice I did a little floral switcheroo too…I had those extra white tulips in the guest bedroom, so I pulled a few out and put them in that green vase, where once stood our modern/earthy arrangement. 

And because I can't resist a Before and After . . .

I love the fact that our room trasformation was done on a dime.  Between yard sales, cheap DIY art, clearances and using stuff we had on hand, we managed to tranform the look of our room from dark and earthy to light, bright and fun.  This just goes to show that decorating can be fun and inexpensive!


  1. I love how the frames hang on the string - you're so crafty! That gives me ideas now; I have lots of extra scrapbook paper that I probably won't use in my actual scrapbook!

  2. Yard sales are the bomb-diggity. I think those white frames are a great score! And I love the scrapbook paper you picked out.


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