Monday, November 15, 2010

Marital Monday + Week of Nov. 15 Menu Plan

Last week, Hubby and I performed the ultimate cheesy Caucasian-American tradition - we posed for a photo that we'll be putting on a Christmas card. We even color coordinated. We didn't do this last year for our first Christmas, so we thought we'd switch it up a little this year.  Besides, as much as I hate to admit it, most people these days just prefer to see a photo of you and your family rather than read a heartfelt sentiment (where has the love gone?!). 

I, however; love receiving heartfelt sentiments, so if you're sending us a card without a photo then don't worry-we'll read it, weep and then hang it on our makeshift mantle.  Or maybe that'll just be me.  Hubby's not really the weeping kind.  Unless I forget to come home with fudge popsicles.  Then it can get ugly. 

In light of our first photo Christmas card, I thought I'd give you, my dear sweet readers, a sneak peek at the photo that will grace the mailboxes of 20 lucky family and friends this holiday season.  If you're not in the group of 20 that receive one, don't be mad...these things can get expensive.  Besides, you'll be in the lucky remaining group that will receive a written,  heartfelt sentiment. :)

Without further adieu, here is the winning shot . . . photo #517 (or at least it felt that way)
 We ended up choosing a setting that is especially meaningful to me.  My favorite park in Rochester - Highland Park.  I go there just about every day during lunch and walk, talk with God and just get some quiet time away from the office.  I'm so glad we got our photo taken there!

And because I can't show you the winning photo without showing you the runner up's . . .
We originally were going to go with this photo (it was taken on a different day) . . . but that sweater didn't really compliment me that well, and the lighting wasn't the greatest.  (I'm only shallow and vain when it comes to photo Christmas cards...apparently this is a serious affair, y'all.)

Then just for fun, we goofed off a bit and took some of these . . .

Those will not be gracing the mailboxes of 20 friends and family.  We'll spare you the agony. 

And, because no one was actually taking our picture (Hubby just set the camera on a tripod and started the self timer), some of them turned out like this . . .

And here's the finished product . . .we got these printed at Walgreens.

Merry (way too early) Christmas to our sweet bloggy friends!! :)

I was so proud of myself last week for making our menu plan 2 weeks out.  That is, until I looked at this week's menu plan and saw that I had written "THANKSGIVING!!!" for Thursday, and "Leftovers" for Friday through Sunday.  Note to self: this week is not Thanksgiving.  I think I got a little excited about the turkey. :)

Monday -- Metaball Tortellini Soup (*I'm going to try subbing the meatballs for Italian sausage)
Tuesday -- Leftover Night
Thursday -- Not Thanksgiving! Ravioli w/ Creamy Sauce (recipe from my new Giada cookbook!)
Friday -- Soup and Sandwiches (something quick and easy - we have a church event)
Saturday -- Spicy Honey Chicken w/ Mashed Potatoes and Veggies

If you need menu plan ideas, don't forget to head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.  Tons of great menu plans are posted each week for Menu Plan Monday!



  1. I love the picture and can not wait to get mine in the mail, right? We, of course, are doing another picture of the girls and I was wondering if I could add Ty's u/s pic too? Would that be weird? Oh well, those major Chrismtas card decisions : )

  2. I, too am excited for Thanksgiving! The photos are great, how fun! We put you on our Christmas card list, if you'd like to email me your address you can send it to

  3. LOVE the pictures - two of my favorite people! You are both so photogenic! You're way ahead by getting the cards done so early. Way to go!

  4. Love the photos :) I can't believe you still have colorful leaves hanging around! Ours are all down and covered in snow now.

    Hope you enjoy the soup -- we've made it many times with Italian sausage in place of the meatballs!! It's amazing.

  5. I love your picture, the cards will be great! Happy EARLY Thanksgiving:):) XO, Pinky

  6. Cute! You made a good choice! I still need to have ours made!


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