Monday, November 1, 2010

Marital Monday + Nov. 1 Menu Plan

Last week I told you about mine and Nathan's most recent splurge - $16 flannel sheets from Target.  However, I failed to mention the details of our shopping "date."  You see, Nathan and I lead very exciting lives.  Some of our dates include fancy outings to the local Borders bookshop, where we sit and browse through the hundreds of books we want to order via the library.  And, some of our more fancier dates include trips to the local Target, where we pick up luxury items like $16 flannel sheets.  Only the best for us.

This particular Fancy Target Date Night, we entered the automatic sliding doors with excitement and then it hit me.  The exquisite smell of hot, salty, buttery goodness that is the Target Snack Shop popcorn.  Nathan knows I can never resist a high-quality popcorn, so he graciously offered to buy me a bag before we started our shopping.  He's such a gentlemen. :) 

While we were ordering our five-star popcorn dinner from the Target Snack Shop, I noticed that the combo Popcorn + Soda was relatively inexpensive, and asked Nathan if we could grab a drink too (because, well, have you ever tried to eat popcorn without a drink? Ack!).  He obliged, but suggested we go all out and pay the extra $.50 for the Cherry Slush.  We are big spenders, I tell ya'.  

With popcorn and slushie in tow, we began our fancy date.  We made it to the home goods aisle and I had managed to shovel every bit of the popcorn in my mouth like a ravenous beast, while Nathan was slurping down the slushie.  It was then that I realized how sad we probably looked.  

Had we really managed to make shopping at the Target like going to the movies?  

Was I really eating Target Snack Shop popcorn while I shopped?

Had I really just eaten an entire medium popcorn while walking only from the door to the home goods aisle?!?!

That night was an eye-opener.  We need to get out more . . . 

Last week's menu plan didn't go as planned because we were quite busy, so I'm rolling a couple of menu ideas over for this week.  

TuesdayHoney Mustard Chicken Pasta (one of our favorites!)
Wednesday: Leftover Night
Saturday: My dad is grilling out for my mom's birthday, so we'll be joining them for dinner! :)

Don't forget to head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie for lots of great menu ideas!!


  1. Target is definitely a date! When we get a sitter, it's always on our list!

  2. Target or a "fancy date", I think it is precious that you two make the best of any situation that you are spending time together! That my dear, is the "good stuff"! So a big fat "AWWWWWW how sweet" to the both of you :)

  3. Good recipes this week!

    Question for you: Did you make the picture at the top of your blog, and how? And how do you make the links at the top of your page: About Us, How we met, etc.?


  4. Love it! We'd get along so well in person -- we love our Target dates! Okay...maybe I love them more than Frog Prince, but they are still great. Love the home section :)

    Yummy week -- glad you're cooking in, even though you want to "get out" more ;-)

  5. You are too funny - I bet the Target popcorn is cheaper than the popcorn at the theater HA (You may be on to something...)


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