Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Each week during November I’ve been participating in Laura’s Gratituesday over on Heavenly Homemakers.  It’s a time when you can write about all the things you’re grateful for, and link up to her blog.  I have received such a blessing by writing these down during November, that I’m determined to keep this up on a weekly basis! 

This week, I’m grateful that:
  • Nathan and I shared a day off this weekend and we got to spend the entire day together!  We watched movies, sipped on our coffee and ate dessert, went to the Goodwill to pick up our items for our adopted Christmas child, and perused Lowe’s.  We had the best time.
  •  I recently got a new job!  It will be a step-up for me in my career, and I can’t wait to start in a few weeks! :)  It’s still in the nonprofit sector, and I’ll be doing much more writing and communications.  God has blown my mind the past few weeks, as He has been completely providing for us in so many different areas.  
  • And I guess it wouldn't be fair to tell you that God has provided for us in so many different ways, and not tell you how.  I'll share a small one . . . 
Last week, Nathan had some trouble with his car and took it to our mechanic.  Our mechanic is a honest, Christian man and we are so thankful that we found him!  Nathan had already been told by someone at the place where we get our oil changed that the issue with his car was somewhat major, so we were prepared in our mind to pay a hefty price at the mechanic.  However, when the mechanic looked at Nathan's car, the issue was completely minor!  All the mechanic had to do was tighten the exhaust, and he ended up not charging Nathan a dime! :)  I know this may seem small, but this is just one of many ways God has been showing His provision to us during the past week.
We are so grateful for a loving God who knows our needs and provides for us. 
What are you grateful for today?  Head on over to Laura's blog and link up!


  1. So happy to hear you found an honest man to help you! You to are so cute...

  2. Thanks you for prompting me to be thankful - to actually write out a list. So glad for the ways God is working in your lives. (PS An honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold!!!)

  3. You had asked what my husband and I are doing for Thanksgiving. Welllll, on Thanksgiving day we're going to his parents house for lunch then to my mom's for dinner. Our parents live 1 minute away from each other and 5 minutes away from us. =] It's pretty sweet.

    On Saturday we're going to see my grandfather for Thanksgiving. haha! Lots of celebrating going on here!

    I enjoy reading your gratituesday posts. =] What a great blessing for you and Nathan! I'm having car troubles right now and it is a pain worrying about how much it's going to cost. Hopefully it will turn out to be minor as well. =]


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