Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Every Tuesday over at Heavenly Homemakers, Laura hosts Gratituesday.  It's where you can link up to her blog and list the many different (or maybe just one) things you're grateful for that day.  I haven't linked up in a while, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving (which is so rapidly approaching us), I thought I'd try to make an effort and link up every Tuesday this month.  OK, so I missed the Nov. 2 link-up, but there's still 4 more Tuesday's to share!

This week I'm grateful for . . .
  1. My sweet husband.  He bought me all the Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins that Walgreens had left on sale after Halloween.  There were only 3, but they were so delicious.  I ate each one with special care.  
  2. My turkey! :)  I've already purchased our Thanksgiving turkey for this year, and the deal wasn't too bad - 16 pounds for $9!  We're downsizing the bird from last year because it'll just be me and the hubs for Thanksgiving this year.  
  3. Our home.  Now that we've been in our house for 1 year, it's really starting to feel like home.  We have 1 final project left before winter, and then the tools will be put away until next year.  I'm so thankful God provided our house for us, and that He's provided us with wonderful neighbors!
  4. God's Will.  God has been showing me more and more lately how important and perfect His will is.  Sometimes we may not understand His will, but if we walk in it, He promises to never leave our side.  I am so thankful for His constant love.
  5. Cool Weather.  For the most part, the trees have lost their leaves and the cool air is sweeping in.  I just love how fresh, clean and crisp it feels in the morning. If I was a runner, I would definitely go running in the morning to soak in all the freshness.  Of course, I'm much more cozy underneath my electric blanket. :) Thankful for the blankets, too!
  6. Quality Time.  One of my top love languages is quality time, so I have been throughly enjoying the extra time I've been spending with some dear loved ones lately.  Me and my dad are starting "date nights," and although we've only been on 1 date, it is so nice to spend some time with just him.  Me and my mom are also enjoying some extra quality time these days.  And, of course, me and Nathan always have our fair share of quality time.
  7. Good Books.  Now that I have more time for reading, I am so thankful for good books! I'm currently reading one by Jennifer Rothschild called Self Talk Soul Talk.  It's especially insightful, and I highly recommend it!
What are you thankful for?  Head on over to Laura's blog and link up!

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  1. Hi Rachel, My daughter's name is Rachel so i couldn't resist stopping by! You have the sweet heart of a young Christian bride. Blessings to you and your husband!


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