Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Apple of My Eye

I should start this post off by saying that I was so happy to read your comments to this post, and discover that many of you shiver just as much as I do by throwing food away.  What a frugal bunch we are! :)  

I was also delighted to learn that many of you have a crowded fridge, just like me!  So, what's crowding our fridge these days??

Well, y'all may remember the Apple Debacle of '09, in which Yours Truly managed to pick 24 pounds of delicious apples.  I got a smidgen carried away on the picking, and got home and discovered I hadn't the slightest clue what I was going to do with all the apples.  Did I mention that I also didn't have anything to peel, slice or core the apples with?  It was a glorious nightmare.  The kitchen was in ruins.  But, after many days and hours of using my paring knife on those apples, I managed to create some yummy Apple Cinnamon Rolls, some delicious Fried Apple Pies, and some Apple Bread.  I probably made some other stuff too, but it's all a great fuzz now.

This year, when apple season came around, I was more prepared.  My sweet mother-in-law swiped this contraption up for me at a yard sale . . .  

It was still in the original packaging and I don't think it has ever been used.  It's been the biggest life saver!  Nathan says it looks like a torturing device, and I have to say I agree.  I definitely wouldn't want to get my finger caught in the paring piece!

One thing I didn't learn from my picking mistakes of last year is the amount of apples that I need to pick for a household of 2 people.  I get really carried away in all the fun, and just can't stop until my bag is bulging with apples.  This year, I reduced the amount to 22 pounds of apples, which is a little better than last year, but still makes for quite a bit of apples.  And might I add that I've never seen apples this big in my life?!?!

I paid it forward first by giving my neighbors, my mom, and my hairdresser a bag of apples.

Then, I made another batch of Apple Bread (you can find the recipe by clicking that link).  This stuff is good.... 

Then I looked in the bag and I still had quite a few left, so this weekend I made up some Apple Pockets that I spied over on SnoWhite's blog.  Mine turned out more like little dumplings or pocketlettes (is that a word??), but they were still super yummy!  

I've been popping them several times a day.  An Apple Pocket a day keeps the doctor away! :)  

So far, I'm doing well . . .I only have 2 apples left!  As big as these things are, I think I still have enough to make some Apple Muffins, so I'll definitely keep you posted if I find a yummy muffin recipe.

How about you?  Are you baking or cooking with apples these days?  What are your favorite apple recipes?  I'd love to hear!


  1. ...There's nothing better than Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings. Granted, each serving is probably the recommended daily calorie intake...oh, but it's so worth it. :)

  2. Yum - wish I was there to have some.

  3. Glad you tried the pocketlettes :)


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