Thursday, November 4, 2010

Again with the Master Bedroom?!?

And just when you thought I was done decorating our Master Bedroom . . . I go and do it again!  This time I have good reason.  I promise.  (In case you're lost and you haven't the slightest clue what I'm talking about, you can see our Master Bedroom transformations here.)  Yes, that's transformation(s) with an "S."  I'm either a little bit fickle when it comes to decorating, or I just love driving Nathan crazy. :) Either way, he still loves me, and I love decorating so I just keep at it!

The last time you saw our Master Bedroom, it looked like this:
With that rich, luxe bedspread, we I was going for sort of a earthy romantic feel (Is there such a thing? See, I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to this sort of stuff, I just try to sound like I do.)

You may also remember that we replaced the wedding "shrine" (as Nathan liked to so sweetly call it) with this console table:

I was really diggin' the way the room was looking, until one day I got curious.  With my Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte in hand (a shopping must-have), I browsed through all the bedding departments at Macy's, Khol's, Bonton, JCPenny, Wal Mart, Target . . . and then I realized, maybe our room needs a lighter romantic feel. FYI, I did not torture Nathan by toting him along on these crazy shopping ventures.  He loves me, but not that much. I kid. Sort of.  

The dark colors in the room are great, but I just wanted something different.  Besides, I think it's kind of nice to have two completely different looks, that way my fickle decorating self can switch things out on a whim! :)

I finally found a bedding set I loved on the Kohl's Web site.  And my frugal heart skipped a beat when I saw it was on clearance!  My birthday money from Nathan's parents was burning a hole right through my pocket, so I swiped up the bed set and here's the new look:

The colors are sort of a marigold yellow and a deep green.  It's also a duvet, which means I can wash it!  Our dark, luxe bedspread is not machine washable so that was a big negative for me (dry cleaning in Upstate New York ain't cheap, y'all).

Originally, I thought the new duvet would still go perfect with my green curtains, but the green was just a bit off.  So, luckily, I had some extra white sheers stored away and I did a curtain switcheroo.  It definitely makes the room much brighter!

You may also notice some new bling on our nightstands.  Since the duvet was such a steal, I had some birthday mullah to spend and swiped these up at a local shop for $9.99 a pop.

The console table is definitely staying, but it's getting some upgrades.  Those are coming soon, but just to give you an idea - I managed to whip up a sweet DIY project for only $1.44.  Once I get it all together, I'll do an update.

So what do you think?  Do you like the lighter brighter, or are you more of a dark earthy fan?  Do you have two different looks for your bedroom, too, or am I the only crazy one who does this sort of thing? (Don't answer that last question.)

And just for fun (and because I'm obsessed with Before and After shots), here's how the room has progressed since last June.  At this rate, by our 2nd Anniversary, we may be up to our ears in bedspreads and curtains!

The original Master BR (before painting)

The "shrine"

The second time around (after painting)

The "shrine" again...

Third time's a charm! (or maybe not)

Out with the shrine, in with the console table

Lighter, brighter, 4th, when-I'm-in-the-mood-to-lighten-it-up version

Fickly Yours, 


  1. I love it - the new duvet set has a modern feel to it. You are just like my sister - she changes her bed sets with the season. She is shopping for a new one for fall/winter.

  2. You did a fabulous job, Rachel! I really like the latest transformation!

  3. PS I'm trying to find a box for the chair - hope to mail it soon.

  4. I like the new one! It looks great in your master bedroom!

  5. I love it -- what a fun transformation!

  6. Very pretty! And you gotta love clearance : )
    You did a great job!

  7. I love the new comforter - I've been eyeing a few new ones, too! I also was a fan of the wedding shrine, but I'm a sucker for sweet pictures. :)

  8. AH!! I scrolled down and saw the new bed set and I just love it! What a great bedspread -- and on clearance too, lucky girl! Love the console table and nightstands too. OK, I just love the whole room in general. =]


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